Ubisoft Rumored to Give Sam Fischer from Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad His Own Game

Wow, what an upgrade!

Sam Fischer, Ubisoft’s oftentimes side-character seen in games like Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad (which was sunset after co-opting the Black Lives Matter movement to use as the game’s villains) and Rainbow Six Siege, seems to be getting his own game, according to reporting from VGC.

Per VGC’s development sources, Ubisoft has entered production on a new Splinter Cell title after meeting outrage and frustration from series fans who were not soothed by the mobile and VR titles over the last few years while the series slumbered. While there’s no concrete information about which of Ubisoft’s myriad studios is working on the game, two of VGC’s sources indicated that the game is being developed outside of Montreal, unlike prior games in the series.

The Splinter Cell series has had precious few releases in the last decade, relegating Ubisoft’s stealth series to the dustbin of history while the French publisher focused on more action-oriented games with the Tom Clancy branding. Fischer himself has been a frequent guest star in other Ubisoft games, which seemed to only stoke fan anger rather than quell complaints.

Internally, Ubisoft’s failure to address complaints about their culture of harassment, abuse, and misogyny has stoked employee anger instead. The publisher has yet to properly acknowledge these concerns either internally or publicly.

[Source: VGC]


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