Ubisoft Attempts to Enter the Battle Royale Space with Hyper Scape

Twitch integration will be a key factor.

Between FortniteApex LegendsPUBG, and more recently Call of Duty: Warzone, fans of the battle royale genre are never lacking in something to play. But that hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from throwing its hat into this particular ring. Today, the company revealed Hyper Scape, a fast-paced, Twitch-integrated battle royale coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The announcement today was a little irregular, with the game debuting through a series of Twitch streams. But given that the game has features tied to the streaming service, that partnership checks out. It did make sussing out just what Hyper Scape is a bit more challenging, as streamers could only speak so much to the specifics of the game based on what experience they’d had with it. But now that those streams are over, Ubisoft has actually taken some time to get into the specifics of what differentiates its game from others in the crowded battle royale market.

In some ways, Hyper Scape resembles a lot of its contemporaries. It supports up to 100 players, has a shrinking map to keep everything moving, and a lot of your playstyle will be dependent on finding loot drops and upgrading them as the match progresses. But on top of this, the game allows Twitch viewers to vote on in-game events that will fundamentally change a match. An example that’s been shown off is spectators voting between “Haste,” Low Gravity,” or “Reveal,” which will either speed up players, alter gravity in the match, or make all characters visible through walls. So if you happen to end up playing against a Twitch streamer, you might be seeing your matches shift in ways determined by their audience. This is the first of Hyper Scape’s planned Twitch-integrated features.

Right now, Hyper Scape’s technical test is live on PC, but the only way you can get access to the game right now is by watching Twitch streams and hoping for codes to drop. Fanbyte guides writer Collin MacGregor has already managed to get a hold of code, so be on the lookout for some coverage of Ubisoft’s latest in the coming days and weeks.

While the above trailer gives you a sense of the game’s style and pace, check out this dev diary video for a more in-depth discussion from Ubisoft developers on how Hyper Scape came to be and what the studio has planned in the future.

In other news:

According to the game’s synopsis, apparently these battle royales are made up of working class people trying to move up in social status in its universe. Which is incredibly bleak and depressing.

“It’s 2054 and technology is everywhere. It helps people survive the day-to-day grind – from neural networks to cybernetic augmentations to burgeoning AIs – but for the bottom 90%, living is tough. Many work for megacorporations to survive – these are the lucky ones. There is only one way to rise to the top…one way to change your lot in life and achieve something better: WIN THE CROWN in an intense Battle Royale in the virtual world of Hyper Scape.”

At the moment, Hyper Scape’s technical test is only live on PC, and despite the game eventually coming to consoles, Ubisoft’s FAQ on the test doesn’t make any mention of this trial period coming to consoles at this time.