This Week in News is Riveting

Things sold a lot, things look cool, and some other things just kind of barely exist right now.

Welcome to this week in news, where we quickly run down the week’s biggest stories in an easy-to-digest format with an option for you to dive deeper.

Insomniac Finally Gives Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’s Female Lombax a Name: Rivet – In both a new trailer and a State of Play this week, Sony showcase the newest Ratchet & Clank game and its headlining character Rivet. The graphics on display in the new title are mindblowing at a glance and it seems to leverage the console’s SSD tech to keep changing things up.

Apex Legends Legacy Trailer Unveils New 3v3 Arena Mode –  Respawn revealed a new mode for Apex Legends that allows players to bring things up close and personal in a 3v3 mode. The mode, which debuts in the upcoming Season 9, has players battle to wipe out opposing teams and buy new items and upgrades between rounds.

The Noid Returns in Crash Bandicoot Runner Because What – The Noid, a Dominos Pizza mascot that had been banned after prompting a hostage situation in the 90s, returned as part of both a new advertising campaign and a miniboss in the Crash Bandicoot mobile runner. Yeah, we don’t know, either.

Long-Time Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono Is Now at Delightworks – Yoshinori Ono, a driving force behind the revival of fighting games at Capcom, announced his departure from the company last year. This week, he revealed that he’s starting as President of Delightworks, which specializes in some fairly popular mobile fighting games.

Super Mario Party Gets Its First Update in Years to Add Online Play – After several years, Nintendo’s Switch party game got a major update to add online play. The publisher likely had concerns about people not being able to gather together during a pandemic to play (and also that having some effect on sales).

Naughty Dog Has Outlined Last of Us Part III, But Isn’t Working on it Yet – The ending of The Last of Us Part II definitely left room for a sequel, but Naughty Dog isn’t saying one will happen yet. An outline exists for what a theoretical Last of Us Part III would be, but director Neil Druckmann cautions that it’s not anything currently in-development.

Resident Evil Re:Verse Multiplayer Delayed, Won’t Launch Alongside Village – The multiplayer portion of Resident Evil Village has been delayed past Village’s May 7 release date. No reason was given for the delay, but the latest attempt at making multiplayer Resident Evil a thing should be launching in Summer 2021 now.

Monster Hunter Rise Hits Six Million Units Sold –  The Switch Monster Hunter game hit a sales milestone alongside its 2.0 update. With just a small number of sales more, the game will break a record for Capcom’s highest single-platform game sales over Street Fighter II on the SNES.

Microsoft is Reducing its Cut on Windows PC Game Sales – Microsoft is matching the Epic Games Store revenue cut for games sold on its PC store, signaling a desire to further third party relations on PC. Moreover, the company promises to make a number of improvements for PC gamers, including improving the Windows store, gussying up Halo Infinite with PC features, and making sure the upcoming title has both crossplay and cross-progression between PC and consoles.

Jedi Fallen Order Comes to PS5 and Xbox Series X this Summer – The successful Star Wars action game will be getting native PS5 and Xbox Series S|X versions in just a few months with free updates for existing owners, Lucasfilm Games announced. Details are scant, but apparently technical improvements are being made beyond the next-gen console patch released earlier this year.

Sega Seemingly Teasing a Judgment Sequel and Not at All Subtly – In the past week, Sega has been releasing gameplay clips from what appears to be a sequel to Judgment as a website counts down to a full reveal. The clips imply that the first game’s protagonist, Yagami, will be heading to Yokohama, where Yakuza: Like a Dragon largely took place.

Crash 4 Dev Toys For Bob is Being Absorbed into the Call of Duty Machine – Reports of layoffs and an overall company focus on Call of Duty emerged from Activision today, as developer Toys for Bob announced they were working on the battle royale spinoff Warzone. For their part, Activision denied the rumors of layoffs, though that might just be a creative way to say only contractors were let go.

Terry Crews Says Localize Mother 3 – Terry Crews says localize Mother 3.

Titanfall 2 is Free on Steam This Weekend So You Have No Excuses – Play the extraordinary first-person-shooter both for yourself and so Respawn doesn’t call you out on Twitter.