This Week in News is Preparing for the Summer

Weeks from E3, we're getting a clearer picture of the next three months.

Welcome to This Week in News, where we run down the biggest news stories from the week with an option to dive deeper beyond the summary.

BioWare’s Not Opposed to Adding Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer to Legendary Edition – While Mass Effect Legendary Edition chose not to include the third game’s multiplayer mode, developer BioWare could see it added later. The key criteria for inclusion are fan demand and whether BioWare has the resources to add it.

Yoshinori Kitase is Now the Brand Manager of Final Fantasy –  The former Final Fantasy director is taking over for Shinji Hashimoto, who will serve as a corporate advisor for Square Enix. Kitase has taken a strong role in the last few decades of the series, with direct involvement in games like Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, and games stretching all the way back to 1991.

WB Games Splits Amid Massive Merger – As AT&T spins off WarnerMedia to merge with Discovery, the future of WB Games is uncertain. The publisher that manages studios like Rocksteady and NetherRealm will be split apart as AT&T wishes to retain control of some studios, though it is not clear how it will shake out yet.

Grand Theft Auto V Coming to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 in November – Announced alongside the PlayStation 5, GTAV’s next-gen port will finally release in November. The original announcement said that the next-gen port intended to take full advantage of the new hardware.

Geoff Keighley, Ever Merciful, Announces Summer Game Fest Is Only Four Days Long – The Summer Games Fest has been announced once again for 2021 with several tentpoles like Ubisoft Forward and EA Play. It begins with a Kickoff event with a number of new announcements and updates on June 10 at 11AM PT.

The Last of Us Part II is Getting a PS5 Patch – One of the PS4’s swansong titles, The Last of Us Part II has received enhancements for players who experience it on a PlayStation 5. The update allows the game to run at 60 frames per second for smoother gameplay.

Borderlands Developer Gearbox Developing Another Project with Take-Two – The publisher revealed that a collaboration with Gearbox Software will release within this financial year before April 2022. There are no details, but Take-Two categorizes it as an “immersive core” title in the vein of games like Borderlands and Red Dead Redemption.

New TimeSplitters Announced From Original Founders – Deep Silver, an arm of The Embracer Group, has announced an intention to bring humorous first-person shooter TimeSplitters back with a new game. The original development team of Free Radical, largely made up of former Rare talent behind Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, is partially getting back together under the reformed Free Radical banner to begin development on it in coming months.

Overwatch 2 Moves to 10-Player Matches – Blizzard showed their first Overwatch 2 PVP gameplay this week, revealing that the sequel will rebalance competitive matches so that there’s only one tank per team. The team believes this will help speed up gameplay in both games, as Overwatch 2’s competitive multiplayer will be backwards compatible with the first game.

They Put the Motherfucking Normandy in No Man’s Sky – In a very logical and delightfully hidden easter egg, the Normandy from Mass Effect has made an appearance in space-faring game No Man’s Sky. Players can piece together puzzle solutions to catch a glimpse of the Normandy in the sky until May 31.

Twitch Wants You to Know You Won’t Be Punished for Being Hot – After facing crticism for demonetizing a female streamer for increasingly-popular “hot tub streams,” Twitch has clarified its policies to make sure those types of streams are categorized more appropriately. The company also wished to delineate between sexually suggestive content, which is allowed, and sexually explicit content, which is not.