This Week in News Is Legal And Direct

Nintendo broke their silence and Sub-Zero broke someone's back.

Welcome to This Week in News, where we quickly run down the video gaming stories from this past week that you may have missed.

  • A ‘Prominent’ Japanese Studio is Reportedly Making a Silent Hill Reboot – Team Bloober, the makers of The Medium and a recent Blair Witch game, hint that they’re working on a new Silent Hill title. VGC, however, reports that Silent Hill is actually being developed by a prominent Japanese studio instead.
  • The Mortal Kombat Movie Looks Like the Gross, Silly Fun You’d Expect – A trailer for the new Mortal Kombat movie showcases some color-muted ninjas, but a lot of dumb fun the series is known for. The movie is launching onto HBO Max (and, inexplicably, theaters) on April 16.
  • Here’s Everything You Missed From Nintendo’s Direct – After nearly two years, Nintendo finally had a general Direct to some…mixed reception. The platform holder still had some big announcements, including a new Smash Bros. character, Splatoon 3, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HDProject Triangle Strategy, and more.
  • After Missing Launch, Marvel’s Avengers is Coming to Next-Gen in March – Originally supposed to launch with new consoles, the ill-fated Marvel’s Avengers missed its next-gen upgrade by a few months. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions will finally release alongside DLC for new character Hawkeye, which will be free except for the time you spend caring about Hawkeye.
  • Sony Joins the ‘We Have Analog Drift and Also a Lawsuit’ Club – Unfortunately for Sony, the expensive new Dualsense controllers for the PlayStation 5 may have some drift issues for some customers. A law suit has been filed on behalf of a Virginia plaintiff alleging that his controllers have already started to drift in the analog sticks and the law firm representing him is seeking to gather more clients for a class-action suit.
  • Valve Politely Asks To Be Left Alone After Apple Subpoena – Apple has subpoenaed Steam store-owner and Dota 2 developer Valve for comprehensive sales data as part of Apple’s own legal battles with Epic Games. Valve supplied some data, to which Apple asked for more, and the Seattle-based company feels it has complied with everything that was asked of them and does not wish to be further involved.
  • Blizzcon 2021’s Opening Ceremonies Happened – Virtual conventions may not be a great replacement for real ones, but virtual game announcements are just as good. In their online Blizzcon presentation, Blizzard revealed a Diablo II remake, new info for World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, a collection of 16-bit Blizzard classics, and weirdly relegated Overwatch 2 to panel jail.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Writer Natsuko Ishikawa Is Writing Endwalker – In an interview with Naoki Yoshida, Featured Contributor Natalie Flores got confirmation that Ishikawa is penning the story for FFXIV‘s newly announced expansion, Endwalker. Ishikawa’s work on Shadowbringers is so praised that she received a standing ovation during a panel in 2019.

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