This Week in News is About Shutdowns and New Announcements

If you like Pikmin, it's a good week. If you like the PSP, less so.

Welcome back to This Week in News, where we cover the news you may have missed this week with an option to dive deeper.

Sony Shutting Down Old PlayStation Stores Portends a Dark Digital Future –  According to TheGamer, Sony has plans this summer to shut down to the Vita, PSP, and PS3 digital stores. If true, the stores would not be able to make new purchases for any software after a certain date.

Niantic Following Up Pokemon Go With a Pikmin AR Game – Niantic, developers of Ingress and Pokemon Go, announced a new mobile game in partnership with Nintendo based on the Pikmin franchise. Details are scant, but the game will once again use augmented reality and will release later this year.

Despite Past Failures, Amazon is Opening a New Games Studio in Montreal – Amazon is once again trying to pursue AAA game development with a Montreal-based studio led by former Rainbow Six: Siege talent. According to job listings, the studio is hiring for what appears to be an online multiplayer game.

Report: Nintendo’s Next Switch Iteration Uses Proprietary Nvidia Tech – A Bloomberg report states that the next iteration of the Switch will be leveraging Nvidia’s DLSS technology, essentially a middleman between the game and the image to make a lower-resolution game look far higher-resolution. If true, it could allow the Switch to stay economical while still making games that look and perform competitively.

Rocket League Comes to Mobile as Sideswipe – Psyonix is bringing the car-soccer game Rocket League to mobile devices this year as Rocket League Sideswipe, a 2D sidescrolling take on the formula.

Back 4 Blood Delayed to October – The multiplayer online shooter that debuted last year will miss its June release date in favor of an October launch. There will still be an open beta in June for people to get their hands on the game, though.

Ghost of Tsushima Movie Greenlit with John Wick Director at the Helm – PlayStation Productions is moving ahead on the samurai-based vengeance flick with Chad Stahelski attached to direct. It may be a bit down the line, however, as Stahelski is also attached to 4-5 other films, including the next two John Wick movies.

The Final Boss Sequence in Balan Wonderworld Needs a Seizure Warning – The final boss of the upcoming and decidedly quixotic Balan Wonderworld produces a series of flashing lights that people with epileptic sensitivities should be concerned about. Square Enix has said a day one patch will address the issue, but be careful all the same.

Here’s Everything You Missed From Xbox’s Indie Show – ID@Xbox held a four-hour-long indie stream with a number of new announcements and Game Pass value-adds. Drinkbox’s new game, as well as some promising other indie titles, made big splashes during the stream.