This Week in News is About Looking Forward

A lot of companies talking about what's next this week.

Welcome to This Week in News, where we run down the biggest stories of the week with an option to delve deeper.

Gears of War Developer Coalition Not Announcing Anything Anytime Soon – Developer The Coalition revealed in a blog post that they are transitioning to next-gen development on Unreal Engine 5 for their next games. Because of the work involved with learning a new engine, they cautioned that you should not expect any announcements from them for quite a while.

Dontnod Seemingly Done With Life is Strange – The French developers of Life is Strange 1 and 2 are not coming back for the next game in the series, nor any other. While they caution that anything could happen, they’re moving on from Life is Strange to work on properties that they own.

Skull & Bones Still Exists But Has Been Delayed, Claims Ubisoft – During a financial call this week, Ubisoft revealed that the oft-delayed Skull & Bones will once again be pushed a financial year to April 2022 – April 2023. The game has undergone many staff changes, including losing the studio leadership to a sexual harassment scandal.

Blizzard is Hosting an Overwatch 2 Stream Next Week, Please Show Soldier: 76 – Blizzard seeks to end its silence about Overwatch 2 shortly after series head Jeff Kaplan announced his resignation from the company. The May 20 livestream focuses specifically on the game’s PVP mode and not its cooperative campaign.

Next Battlefield Will Be Revealed in June as a “True Next-Generation Game” – While not officially announced yet, EA still had plenty to say about this year’s new Battlefield title. The game will be officially revealed next month as a “true next-generation game,” which implies it will take full advantage of the new consoles, but there will still be PS4 and Xbox One versions.

These New DualSense Controllers Are Nice, Can I Get a PS5 Faceplate to Match – New Black and Red Dualsense controllers were revealed for the PlayStation 5, costing $70 and $75 respectively. The controllers will also likely to be far easier to find than the PlayStation 5 itself, which is still facing supply issues.

Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Stream Simulcast in English for the First Time – An upcoming livestream at the end of May plans to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series with updates and new game announcements. It will also be simulcast in English, allowing international fans to watch it live, likely meaning a high possibility of significant reveals.

Sega Announces a Plan to Develop a “Super Game” – In Sega’s financial guidance this year, they revealed a strategy to develop what they call a Super Game, which will earn them $900 million over its lifetime. The unrevealed game is a FPS developed in Europe, both clues pointing to Creative Assembly’s untitled sci-fi shooter they were recruiting for in 2018.