This Week in News is About Companies Cleaning Up Messes of Their Own Making

The PS3 and Vita stores are here to stay and free-to-play games are free to play on Xbox.

Welcome to This Week in News, where we run you through the week’s biggest stories so you can get caught up in a few minutes with an option to dive deeper. News Editor Imran Khan usually does this, but he’s on vacation and I am powering through my second vaccination aches to bring you all the important stuff that happened this week in one convenient place.

DICE Announces Battlefield Mobile Game, Says Next Mainline Entry is Coming in 2021 – EA has confirmed that Battlefield will be returning in 2021 with a mainline entry for PC and consoles. However, the series will also be getting some kind of mobile spin-off courtesy of Industrial Toys sometime in 2022.

Microsoft Unlocks Free-to-Play Online Multiplayer Games, No Xbox Live Gold Sub Required – In “things I’m surprised weren’t already in place before,” Microsoft has made it possible to play free-to-play online multiplayer games on Xbox platforms without having to be subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, which is usually required to play online. So now, free-to-play games are actually free to play on the platform. The change affects around 50 games.

Overwatch Lead Jeff Kaplan Announces Departure From Blizzard – Getting into some of the more surprising developments of the week, Overwatch and Overwatch 2 lead and Blizzard Vice President Jeff Kaplan announced he was leaving the company after 19 years. And notably, in the midst of Overwatch 2’s development. Aaron Keller is taking his position on the Overwatch 2 team.

Sony Backtracks on Plans to Shut Down PS3 and Vita Stores – Also surprising given the that Sony seems to be stepping on several rakes right now, the company announced it won’t be shutting down the PlayStation 3 and Vita stores after the overwhelmingly negative feedback from people opposed to it. It’s a brief win for games preservation, but will Sony reach the ranks of Microsoft, which has been going out of its way to make old games playable on modern systems?

It’s Nice to See a New Hero in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ Trailer – Marvel has released a first look at its upcoming Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings film, and it’s really nice to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe branching out from the Avengers again.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Comes to Switch, PS4, and PC in JulyThe Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve are finally making their way out of Japan and into the rest of the world with The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. The compilation will bring both games to PlayStation 4, PC, and Switch on July 27.