There’s Finally an Official Way to Grab Some Free PUBG Mobile UC

Hey, it's better than getting hacked.

If you’ve been looking for a way to score some free PUBG Mobile UC, you might have finally found your answer — depending on where you live, of course. This week, Google opened up its Google Play Points rewards program to more countries, offering something back on your impulsive in-app purchases.

Not all too dissimilar to the points system you might have at a big retailer, Google Play Points use a tier system. Earn enough points in a set period, and you’ll go up a grade, earning a little bit extra on subsequent purchases. The more you put in, the more you get out. It’s that sort of deal.

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Free PUBG Mobile UC promo

While it’s certainly not something 99 percent of the PUBG Mobile population partakes in, like any even remotely big mobile game out there, there are “whales” spending the big bucks. If you’re one of them, this little scheme will squeeze you like a sponge — and you’re probably ok with that. For the light spenders out there; the type to buy a Battle Pass every other month, or BP for a couple of crates every other week, there’s still something to gain.

Using the U.K. as an example, you get one point for every £1 you spend in-game. Reach 100 points, and you can exchange them for a whopping £1 in Google Play Credit. It’s utterly abhorrent, right? Absolutely. But it’s not always that money-hungry. Going off my own experience signing up to the system, you get three points for every £1 you spend for the first seven days, reducing the £100 spend needed to get something back to just over £30. It’s… still not great, but it’s “free.” If you do spend triple digits during that first week, you’ll be close to getting a tenth of that back. It’s better than nothing.

But here’s where things get just a little bit better. Earning points doesn’t just mean opening your wallet. Getting something back for your purchases can absolutely ease the sting of some terrible gacha pulls, but what if you didn’t have to purchase anything at all? Scroll down the Google Play Points screen and you’ll find promotions (ads) dishing out anywhere up to 10 points for just installing an app you’ve probably had countless YouTube ads for already. If you’re actively spending in-game anyway, you’ll get a little bit of pocket money back sooner rather than later. PUBG Mobile actually has some specific coupons, too, giving you 500 points worth of credit for half the redemption cost. It’s worth keeping an eye on.

PUBG Mobile Google Play Points coupon

It’s not perfect by any means, but if you’re spending on PUBG Mobile already, you might as well get the most out of your money. Too many people get hacked and exploited looking for UC freebies. This is a genuine way to get something for nothing. It’ll just take some time. If it’s available in your area and privacy isn’t a concern, pair it with the Google Opinion Rewards to start stacking up Play Points faster than a UMP45. Here’s a thought, though. If you spend enough to get some free Google Play credit this way, maybe think about renting a movie with that bonus instead. Take a break.

The system made its debut in Japan back in 2018 and swam over to the U.S. a year after that. Now, in the hellscape of a year that is 2020, Google has decided that five more countries deserve to be rewarded for supporting games with their cold, hard cash: Australia, Germany, France, and the U.K. If it’s newly available where you live, just dive into the Google Play Store. The sign-up sheet should make itself know. Just think about it.

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