Huh, There’s an Official PUBG Mobile Podcast Now

And it's two hours long?!

Beyond the Facebooks, Twitters, and Instragrams sits another social platform for brands to infiltrate and use to take up even more of your time: podcasting. And PUBG Mobile has recruited a bunch of popular content creators to do it. The first episode is out now, and while it’s certainly longer than your average Erangel match, despite the awkward two camera set-up, it’s not half bad.

Tencent and PUBG Mobile pulled premium content creators Powerbang, Wynnsanity, Rolex, and Medalcore into its near two million strong YouTube channel to spend a grueling two hours answering viewer questions and getting into the nitty gritty of what it means to be an online influencer creating content around your favorite game.

Early on in the show, the cast began sharing stories of the not-so-lavish parts of being a content creator. Powerbang, perhaps the biggest PUBG Mobile YouTuber around, spoke about last year’s PMCO team-up match was little more than a 40-hour round trip for him due to Rolex knocking him out of the competition at the very start.

He took an international flight to Germany, landed into the first match, hid to dial in his settings, and was immediately shot in the face as he opened a door. He had to grab a cab back to the airport and board the next flight home. That’s 40 hours of sitting on a plane and loafing around an airport just to get eliminated in the first minute or two. It’s a moment so good it was immortalized in the 50-second clip below.

There’s nothing here to say the PUBG Mobile podcast will become a permanent addition to your content watching habits. The video doesn’t have any kind of episode number indicator, and for whatever reason, Tencent decided to get these four folks in the same room to host the show from a fancy set while the rest of the world puts on very similar shows through Zoom and Skype.

In retrospect, it’s less a podcast and more of a talk show, but who’s judging? Though it’s a tad ironic to see the #PlayApartTogether hashtag at the bottom of a video of what is essentially a group gathering, but ok. To be fair, the duos are apart and we don’t know if they live together or not.

This isn’t PUBG Mobile’s first push into a whole new way to entertain its fans. Right before Christmas last year, Dosti Ka Naya Maiden, a very high quality PUBG Mobile drama series, aired its first episode on the game’s Indian YouTube channel. Its all-star cast even warranted separate reveal videos prior to each new episode. Over the course of its five episode first series, the show amassed 30+ million views, suggesting some real demand for PUBG Mobile content outside of the game itself.

Scrolling through the game’s YouTube account shows how the publisher nurtures its community creators. They’re always being sent off to international events and pitted against each other in battle of the bands style competitions for the game’s legion of players to enjoy.

It wouldn’t surprise us to see the podcast format continue in the future, but the logistics of getting creators in the same room for a live show can’t be easy. Especially at a time like this. Here’s hoping enough support will kick Tencent into fast tracking subsequent episodes, forcing them to take the safer approach of a glorified Zoom meeting.


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