There’s A Lot of New Hitman III Content Coming in February

You'll have a new reason to boot the game up every week of the month.

IO Interactive has announced it will be providing weekly content updates for Hitman III throughout the month of February, giving us the first glimpse of the content plans the studio has in store.

Some of this new content will only be available to owners of the Hitman III Deluxe Edition, including two Deluxe Escalations. One titled The Proloff Parable will be available on February 23, which involves using only a katana and a sniper rifle as you fight through a moving train. The Gauchito Antiquity will be out on the same day, which is all about poisoning your targets while they’re inebriated, apparently.

While those are exclusive to Deluxe Edition owners, all Hitman III players will get access to The Baskerville Barney on February 4 (that’s today), which challenges you with killing a family of targets exclusively through manufactured accidents. YouTube channel MinnMax and its community has collaborated with IO Interactive for a featured contract set in Dubai that will be available on February 11. Following that, another escalation contract called The Sinbad Stringent will go live on February 18, and ask you to cut down suspended boxes with throwing knives. Two weeks after MinnMax mission, a Kinda Funny-led featured contract set in Dartmoor will be available on February 25. Wrapping up everything on February 26 is an Elusive Target mission called The Deceivers which requires you to take out hidden targets in Sapienza.

Check out the full video rundown below:

In other news:

IO Interactive announced last week that Hitman III had already made back its development costs back after just a week on the market. So hopefully this means the studio is ready to support the game with content rollouts like this in the coming months, as there’s a lot of reason to boot the game back up in the coming weeks.

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