There’s a Distinct Lack of Ryuji in Alchemy Stars’ Persona 5 Collaboration


Alchemy Stars, the mobile gacha RPG by Tourdog Studios and published by Tencent Games (Disclaimer: Fanbyte is owned by Tencent, but the site has editorial independence and I’ve never met a Tencent representative in my almost three years writing for the site), is collaborating with Atlus to bring characters from Persona 5 Royal to the game later this month. The event will bring Joker, Morgana, Makoto, Yusuke, and Kasumi to the game as playable characters from July 14 to August 3. But Tourdog, I’m sorry. You may have thought you’d gotten me, a Persona 5 lover, but I can’t overlook the omission of the one, the only, the best boy of Persona 5 and its various spin-offs: Ryuji Sakamoto (pictured above).

You see, in this house, we are Ryuji Sakamoto respecters. We acknowledge that he embodies the series’ desire for a better, less corrupt world. We see him as Atlus continues to make light of his struggles as a victim of physical abuse in the same breath it condemns those abusive actions. We continue to tell the world that his relationship with Persona 5 protagonist Joker is extremely gay, even if the developers never let it go anywhere. But we’re hopeful the modding community can help out on that front when Persona 5 Royal comes to PC in October.

There's a Distinct Lack of Ryuji in Alchemy Stars' Persona 5 Royal Collaboration

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Alchemy Stars, you were so close to getting me into your clutches. Does the notion of an original story featuring the characters of one of my favorite games sound enticing? Yeah. But is it worth it if I can’t see Ryuji bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to kick some ass alongside the rest of the Phantom Thieves? Not for this guy. For everyone else? The event starts next week and Alchemy Stars is free-to-play on mobile devices. So, go nuts.

Disclaimer: As stated up top, Alchemy Stars is published by Tencent Games/Level Infinite (a subsidiary of Tencent Games). Fanbyte Media is owned by Tencent, but the site maintains editorial independence, and I have literally never spoken to a Tencent representative in my life. For more on that, here’s a whole breakdown of the situation.