The Waylanders Launch Delayed into the Abyss of Next February

The busy month is getting busier by the minute.

As Shigeru Miyamoto once said and the internet always parrots back when a game will miss its projected release date, “a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” So the fact that Gato Studio is delaying The Waylanders for some extra development time is a totally understandable move. But it’s the timing of the RPG’s new release date that raises my eyebrows.

Originally slated to exit Early Access on November 16, The Waylanders will now be launching on February 1 of next year. The month is already packed, as the games industry has made it a second holiday season in recent years. The Waylanders is now coming out near the likes of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Horizon Forbidden West, Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion, Elden Ring, and Saints Row. I’m definitely not suggesting Gato Studio bring the game out earlier, especially if it would mean crunching to get the final game out the door, but perhaps a later date when people won’t be especially busy? So far, March seems to be a relatively light month.

“Releasing this month would not provide the quality experience our fans deserve. While we have been working hard to get all our backers and Early Access players the RPG they’d been hoping for before the holidays, we’ve done an internal review pass on The Waylanders and our team needs more time to polish the game,” said Gato Salvaje co-founder Fernando Prieto in a statement regarding the delay. “Developing during Covid has been challenging for many teams, including ours, and rushing The Waylanders out the door after nearly four years of development will not make anyone happy. The Waylanders will have over two hours of cinematics and more than thirty hours of gameplay, and we want to provide the best possible day one release version to the community.”

In other news:

To give players something to look at in the meantime, Gato has released a new trailer highlighting the game’s advanced classes, which you can view below: