The Third Day of Guerrilla Collective Was Mercifully Concise

Every digital showcase should follow its example.

After two days of announcements and showcases, the third and final day of the Guerrilla Collective event showed only eight games in total. In a time where we’re dealing with a lot of digital showcases to replace E3 2020, each of which is just throwing a bunch of games at us all at once, showing a handful of games and taking a great deal of time with each of them gave each project some time to breath and for us to get a greater sense of what each of them entail. So let’s walk through them:

Iron Harvest: 1920

Developed by King Art Games, Iron Harvest: 1920 is a real-time strategy game set in an alternate 1920 after World War I. In this timeline, there are mechs. So things clearly have taken a turn. It also features three campaigns following its different factions, giving you different perspectives and ways to view its new take on a post-Great War world. A demo will be going live on Steam tomorrow, June 16.

Say No! More

Say No! More is about the catharsis of just going off at a toxic workplace. Playing as an an intern at a big company office, you spend some time doing various errands and tasks for your coworkers. You can say “yes,” “no,” “maybe,” or “that’s interesting,” until you listen to an inspirational tape that tells you to be comfortable saying “no” to people. Then, you just ruin all of your coworkers day by refusing to give into their demands. Or if you’re feeling spicy, just clap in their faces to make them uncomfortable.

Boyfriend Dungeon

Kitfox Games’ dating sim/dungeon crawler hybrid made an appearance at the Guerrilla Collective with an extended demo. The game will launch with seven dateable weapons, with two planned as DLC in the future. While the DLC routes will be free for Kickstarter backers, Kitfox hasn’t decided if they will be a free update for the general public. The game has been making the rounds for a few years now, unfortunately there’s still no release date, but it will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch.


30XX is the sequel to 2016 roguelike 20XX, and developer Battlestaple Games showcased the game’s cooperative mode. There was also a lot of death, as the game looks pretty tough. While there’s no release date yet, 30XX will be coming to Early Access “probably sometime between this fall and next spring.” A demo is now available on Steam.

West of Dead

Described as a combination of comic book, shooter, and horror influences, West of Dead is a twin-stick shooter with cover shooter leanings, as well procedurally generated levels and enemy encounters. Despite the western backdrop, the story actually centers around purgatory and people not moving on to the afterlife. There’s a demo available now on Xbox One and PC, and if you play it you can get a discount on the game when it launches on Thursday, June 18. A PlayStation 4 and Switch version will be available in August.

System Shock

After having already made an appearance on the Guerrilla Collective this weekend, the System Shock remaster by Nightdive Studios got an extended demo today. While the game has no concrete release date, it will be coming to PC and consoles simultaneously. Hopefully it will keep people satiated as System Shock 3 gets settled with its new management.

The Eternal Cylinder

Playing as a member of the alien species called the Trebhum, The Eternal Cylinder lets you use this character’s ability to transform and gain new abilities to solve puzzles and traverse different areas. Some transformations can help you jump higher, roll around to move more quickly, or resist certain elements like the weather. As this is happening, a cylinder is rolling over the world, crushing anything in its path, so there’s a sense of urgency as you play. A beta is coming later this year.


It might not have gotten a dedicated showcase, but Gloomwood did get an exclusive trailer to close out the show.

For recaps on everything shown on the first two days of the Guerrilla Collective, check out our recaps for both day one and day two.


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