The Quarry Delays Online Multiplayer to July

Other modes will still be available at launch.

The wait for The Quarry is almost over, but if you’ve been hoping to play with a friend in a different state, you’ll have to wait a little longer. In a tweet this morning, Supermassive Games announced that The Quarry’s online multiplayer mode has been delayed, and will arrive via an update by July 8. This is almost a full month after the game’s release, which is still scheduled for June 10. The game will still launch with its couch co-op and movie modes.

Shortly after the delay announcement, Supermassive also released a new gameplay overview of the game, where game director Will Byles shows off some of the game’s mechanics in more detail.

Announced this March, The Quarry is a horror game from the studio behind Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology. Set at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp, the game has nine playable counselors, each of which can live or die based on the player’s actions. Just like the studios’ previous games, the cast is stacked with Hollywood actors, including Brenda Song, David Arquette, and Justice Smith (who was also in Detective Pikachu). Gameplay in The Quarry centers around the studio’s signature choice-driven cutscenes, but also features areas the player can explore to find clues and collectibles.

Despite their similar names, couch co-op mode is very different from the now-delayed online multiplayer mode. In couch co-op, each player is assigned one or more characters. When their chapter comes up in the story, they’re handed the controller and can make whichever decision they feel is best. In online multiplayer, a host can invite up to seven players to vote on choices, regardless of character.

For players scared of choice (like me) The Quarry will also launch with a movie mode. In this mode, players can choose the outcome of the story from the start, like “Everyone Lives,” or “Everyone Dies.” They can also sit in the “Director’s Chair” and give each character a set of personality traits that will inform their decisions throughout the game. As a coward, I will be choosing the “Everybody Lives” option, and since the online multiplayer is delayed, I won’t have to worry about anyone messing with my characters’ fates until July 8.