The New TFT Thief’s Gloves Item Has Broken Teamfight Tactics

A borderline game-breaking glitch has appeared in TFT. Maybe avoid ranked play for a bit!

Teamfight Tactics is still relatively new. As such, Riot Games is accomplishing lots of firsts with each of the game’s patches. Today the development team added new TFT items for the first time ever with the introduction of Sparring Gloves: a basic TFT item. Because it’s a basic item, it also includes nine other pieces of equipment which result when you combine the gloves with any other basic items. One of these, Thief’s Gloves, is a very powerful item which takes up all three slots on the champion who has it. It’s effect? At the start of every round, it gives that TFT champion new two random items. The trade-off is that those items fall off at the end of the each round. At least… they’re supposed to. The Thief’s Gloves TFT item is a bit broken at the moment.

Update: The bug appears to have been fixed based on our game experience, however, Riot has disabled ranked play until tomorrow due to other bugs.

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TFT Update Teamfight Tactics

Right now, when Thief’s Gloves gives the champion Force of Nature, the effect stays even when the item is no longer on the champion. TFT players know exactly how big of a problem that can be. Force of Nature increases the maximum number of champions you can play each round by one. That’s a huge boon when you basically get it for free from Thief’s Gloves.

One user on Reddit describes their experience building two Thief’s Gloves and the resulting impact it had on their game. All they had to do to win “was to wait and never remove a unit from the bench.” That’s kind of novel, if it happens once, but even the winning players will likely get bored of such an overpowered bug in time.

In most TFT games, you’re lucky to get a total of eight champions on the board at once. That goes up to nine if you’re extremely lucky. This player managed to get a whopping 13 champions on the board at once thanks to Thief’s Gloves creating a total of four Force of Natures during the course of one game of TFT. Yowza.

TFT Thief’s Gloves Item Glitch ‘Breaks’ Game Mode

Needless to say, lots of players in the TFT community are recommending you avoid ranked play while Riot works on a Thief’s Gloves fix. The studio has yet to acknowledge the issue, unfortunately, but we suspect Riot will at least disable the ranked ladder while a hotfix is being developed. The team is usually pretty quick about this stuff.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should avoid Thief’s Gloves TFT altogether. They’ll still be pretty potent after the fix — unless it’s accompanied by some kind of real nerf. We already had Thief’s Gloves picked out as one of the most powerful items in TFT Patch 9.19. Few could have predicted this kind of power boost, however.

For a complete look at everything that was changed with today’s 9.19 patch, head on over to our news post where we run down all of the new additions, changes, buffs, and nerfs!

We’ll continue to update this post as Riot starts to address this issue with the current status of the game itself and any progress Riot has made towards finding a fix.