The Medium Live-Action Trailer Sets a Grave, Gooey Tone

The spirit world isn't just dray and flaky after all! They've got wet stuff, too.

A new live-action trailer for Bloober Team horror game The Medium is mostly here to set the mood. I say this because the trailer features flashes of spooky imagery — like a ghost girl in a porcelain mask and big, wet monsters looming over the landscape. Yet it doesn’t really explain what the game is about. If you want another look at the particular style Bloober Team is touting this time, however, it’s perfect for that! You can check it out in the video embedded below.

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The developer actually makes no bones about its biggest inspiration. Artist Zdzisław Beksiński clearly influenced the spooky spirit world of The Medium. Protagonist Marianne, who I’m pretty sure is the titular medium, slips between it reality during “patented dual-reality gameplay.” Based on gameplay demos, this seems to mean you flip in and out of the hell-world, similar to Silent Hill. Other times you even see both realities rendered onscreen at the same time.

Speaking of Silent Hill: I know that Fanbyte producer Jordan Mallory is particularly excited to hear the game’s soundtrack with contributions from Akira Yamaoka. The composer is best knowing in gaming circles for creating the legendary music in the seemingly abandoned Silent Hill series. Now he’s working alongside one Arkadiusz Reikowski on The Medium.

Besides the dimension-hopping, The Medium looks like a third-person puzzler with some stealth sequences, as you dodge the aforementioned ghostly monsters. That’s a bit of a departure for Bloober Team as well. The studio’s previous few projects — the latest Blair Witch game, Observer: System Redux, and Layers of Fear — were all first-person affairs. (And hey! Layers of Fear was actually the first thing I ever wrote about for this company!)

Instead of those games, The Medium reminds me more of Murdered: Soul Suspect. That third-person, supernatural mystery game was the flawed final product from developer Airtight Games — one that I nonetheless have a certain fondness for even today. Though The Medium looks a bit more refined and a lot prettier. Combined with what look like classic survival-horror game puzzles, this one might be worth a look as well.

PlayStation users will need to cross over into another world to check it out, though. The Medium launches solely (soul-y?) on Xbox and PC this Jan. 28, 2021.