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The Male Love Interest in Life Is Strange: True Colors Seems Unproblematic, Good for Him

This game is so close that I could cry.

To celebrate the fact that Life is Strange: True Colors is almost here, Deck Nine Games and Square Enix have released its first official gameplay trailer. This substantial and wonderful 13-minute look shows when Alex first arrives at Haven Springs’ local record store, where she meets love interests Steph Gingrich and Ryan Lucan.

Life is Strange as a series has had some… interesting male love interests for its bisexual protagonists. Max Caulfield in Life is Strange could pick between Chloe Price and Warren Last Name. (I’m kidding, it’s Graham, but I had to look it up because I avoided his character as much as I could). He was friendly — a bit too friendly, and veered into creepy territory every now and then. Sean Diaz in Life is Strange 2 could pick between Cassidy and Finn. And pick Finn, I most eagerly did, but he was absolutely a problematic favorite who requires you to sacrifice some morals just to kiss him.

I’m no stranger to that, as listeners of 99 Potions will know, but Ryan is a refreshing face. This is only a 13-minute gameplay trailer, so maybe Ryan actually turns out to be some awful dude in the end. And I’m just none the wiser like my fellow bisexual Alex. I doubt it, though. He’s too unassumingly endearing. He just seems like a chill dude who is very enthusiastic about nature and birds.

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To be fair, especially to Alex, that does make him a bit of a weirdo. Alex hilariously calls him a “tree cop,” and I agree. (The only kind of cop we can stan). But Ryan also seems happy to help his friends and has some nice jokes. He notices when Alex is being affected by Steph’s anger, and thoughtfully asks if she’s okay. He talks about getting bullying ammunition for Gabe but the dude can barely say a mean thing when Gabe walks in. And he makes sure Gabe doesn’t see Alex’s present for him. My first impression of Ryan is that I like him a lot.

…Anyway, this is the part where I gush about how cute Alex and Steph continue to be. The smile on Steph’s face when she sees Alex? The way Steph lets Alex choose which song airs next on the radio? The way Alex shyly grins after Steph lowkey flirts with her? Thank you to the people developing this game for making it really gay. I know you’re out there doing the lord’s work. Ryan’s sweet, but I love women.

Life is Strange: True Colors is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia on September 10. A Switch version is also on the way, but it was delayed until later in the year. Its first DLC, a prequel episode named Life is Strange: Wavelengths, will come out on September 30.

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