The Last of Us Part II’s Release Date and Special Editions Possibly Leaked

Looks like Ellie's story continues in February

Sony and Naughty Dog have already announced The Last of Us: Part II will make an appearance on next week’s State of Play presentation on Tuesday, but a retailer listing for the sequel may have revealed a release date and special edition’s ahead of their official announcement.

Swiss retailer Softridge lists the PlayStation 4 exclusive for a February 28 release date, along with three editions, including a standard, special, and collector’s edition. While there were no specifics on what each edition includes, the special and collector’s editions were listed for CHF 99.90 and CHF 279.90 respectively, which equates to roughly $99.99 and $279.99 USD.

While the listing has since been removed, Resetera user vestan managed to save images of the box art for each edition, although each are labeled as non-final.

News on The Last of Us: Part II has been scarce over the past year. Naughty Dog last showed off the game at 2018’s E3 presentation (where it got real gay on the biggest platform in the industry), but it’s been radio silence ever since. The game is set to put the spotlight on Ellie, who previously shared the starring role with her father figure Joel, years after the original. Granted, there haven’t been a lot of opportunities to show the game in the past year, with Sony opting out of events like E3 this year and not holding its previously annual PlayStation Experience last year.

While The Last of Us: Part II seems to be a headliner for next week’s presentation, Sony says the entire State of Play will take up roughly 20 minutes. Other games from Sony’s first-party studios likely will make an appearance as well, with Sucker Punch working on its feudal Japan-inspired Ghost of Tsushima and the Medievil remake coming next month. Death Stranding had a hefty presence at Tokyo Game Show earlier this month, so it might get benched for this. Outside of Sony’s stable of games there’s still plenty that could be there, like Persona 5 Royal or something brand new that hasn’t been announced yet.


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