The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima Have Release Dates, Iron Man VR is MIA

Sony ends the indefinite delay.

After one was delayed indefinitely into the abyss and the other was seemingly unaffected by the state of things, both The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima have new release dates.

Sony made the announcement through a post on the PlayStation Blog, which confirmed The Last of Us: Part II will becoming just about three weeks after its originally projected release date on June 19, and Ghost of Tsushima has been delayed a few weeks to July 17. The Last of Us: Part II was delayed earlier this month due to distribution disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but it looks like it won’t be that much longer of a wait than anyone expected. Could this release date announcement have something to do with the fact that the game leaked over the weekend? Maybe. It would explain why Iron Man VR, a game that was delayed on the same day for the same reasons, is not also among the games celebrating new release dates today.

Meanwhile, Ghost of Tsushima wasn’t delayed earlier this month, but Sony said if there were more delays to come that it would announce them accordingly, so I guess this is a way to put some good news with some bad news to ease the pain. Back in March, developer Sucker Punch announced the game’s special editions alongside a June release date, but whether it was distribution issues or just Sony shifting things around so games aren’t so close to one another, it won’t be making that window.

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These two games are among Sony’s final push for the PlayStation 4 before the launch of the PlayStation 5 this holiday season, but they also will be playable on the new console, so they should have a decent shelf life for the rest of the year. While Sony is adamant the console won’t be affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the same way these games have been, there are reports that the system is going to be harder to find in its first few months compared to the PS4 due to limited production. When it does launch, it will come with a new controller called the DualSense, which has a few changes to the PlayStation controller line-up. We still haven’t seen what the PS5 itself looks like, but given that the DualSense looks more like Echo from Overwatch than anything PlayStation has put out, it might be a big aesthetic departure from what we’ve come to expect.

Sony has yet to announce any of the exclusives it has lined up for the PlayStation 5, but there are already reports that a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn is in the works over at Guerilla Games, and that it will be part of a planned trilogy set to conclude on the PS5.


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