The Injustice Movie’s First Trailer Tells An Old Story in a New Way

Another chance to see Superman's fall from justice.

We finally have the first footage of the animated adaptation of the Injustice series, a fighting game/comic book series set in an alternate DC Comics universe. And it’s…certainly an adaptation of the Year One comics. This means that, for some folks, this likely won’t be anything new. However, as a person who’s pretty invested in the Injustice timeline, it does have me asking some questions about how much or little this movie will actually show.

The trailer (courtesy of IGN) lays a lot of the groundwork for what Injustice entails. The Joker, in an effort to hinder Superman, kills Lois Lane and her unborn child. The loss sends Superman on a downward spiral, which eventually results in the regime that we see in the actual Injustice: Gods Among Us game. However, the animated movie’s seems to be largely only covering Year One. So does that mean we’ll get more movies in the future that will tell the stories of Years Two through Five?

This retelling might be old hat for folks who already read the Injustice comics, but people who only played the games might not have seen the entirety of Superman’s fall from Man of Steel to a dictator. So if this becomes the first of a series of movies, I’m glad to re-experience it.

On a purely personal note, I was hoping to see a glimpse of my boy Green Arrow somewhere in the trailer. Although, given his role in the Injustice series, I’m hoping he’ll play a pretty prominent role in the movie.

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The Injustice movie will be available on Blu-ray and Digital on October 19. However, it won’t have any returning voice talent from the games when it gets here. Tom Taylor, who wrote the Injustice comics, has hinted the series will be returning in some way, but it’s unclear if that’s in the form of new comics or a new game. Or it might’ve been in reference to this movie, for all we know. It’s been four years since Injustice 2, which is my favorite fighting game and one of the only ones I’m any good at. So if developer NetherRealm is working on an Injustice 3, I’d be more than happy to get my bow and arrow back out as a Green Arrow main.


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