The ESA Sends E3 2022 to Live on a Nice Farm Upstate

Summer Game Fest, meanwhile, is still on.

E3 is officially not happening this year. Neither in-person nor digitally.

News began to spread online that the Electronic Software Association wouldn’t be holding its annual video game industry event after it began informing companies that would have normally been showing off games and products at the Los Angeles show.  Razer’s Will Powers was among the first to post about the news on Twitter, which was then verified by IGN.

According to IGN’s sources, discussions around the future of E3 has been “fraught throughout the year” since the cancellation of the in-person event earlier this year. At the time, the ESA didn’t comment on whether there would be a digital event in its place. But it looks like that’s not in the cards. The company is apparently looking into a stronger comeback in 2023. Which, after three years of no real presence, seems hard to imagine. We’ve reached out to the ESA for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

Meanwhile, Geoff Keighley, who is organizing Summer Game Fest, seems pretty jazzed about it. As the news began to spread, Keighley posted a simple winking emoji on his personal Twitter. Summer Game Fest emerged after Keighley severed ties with E3 in 2020, so man’s probably feeling pretty good right now.

On a more serious note: I’m of a few minds about E3 not happening. As a person who writes about the industry, it’s a fun time to see cool games and see industry folks all gathered in one place and vibing together. But it’s hard to ignore that the ESA’s event has become more obsolete during the pandemic, as companies have looked to digital alternatives of their own rather than collecting everything under one umbrella. And it’s hard to forget the time the ESA just leaked the personal information of a ton of reporters and content creators in 2019. Although, if the Summer Game Fest were to become an in-person event, the problem is solved. So, you know what? I’m of only one mind, now.