The DioField Chronicle Launches in September for Steam and Consoles

Square Enix Strategy RPG The DioField Chronicle heads to PC and consoles this fall, plus dates a demo.

Square Enix and developer Lancarse have announced The DioField Chronicle will launch for consoles and PC via Steam in Japan on September 22. Prior to launch, the strategy RPG will receive a demo on August 10.

As translated by Gematsu, The DioField Chronicle’s release date debuted with over an hour of new footage via livestream. While there was no specific mention of other regions, the game’s PC release shares a date with its console versions. That’s a lot to say; you’ll probably see other regions share that September 22 date. Or, they’ll at least come out a few days apart. Previously, Square Enix revealed the game as a 2022 release in its worldwide trailer debut.

Gematsu also notes the demo is the first full chapter of the game, and save data carries over to release. However, platform specifics, and news on a demo release for global players, remain unconfirmed for now.

Back in March, Square Enix revealed The DioField Chronicle during Sony’s State of Play alongside Valkyrie Elysium. Lancarse, the studio behind DioField, hosts Shin Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey talent. During its initial reveal, the new Lancarse game immediately drew comparisons to recent releases like Fire Emblem: Three Houses—for rather obvious reasons, mind you. But Diofield eschews the grid-based system Fire Emblem fans may be accustomed to, and battles will occur in real-time.

In the new footage, Square Enix shared an extended look at some of DioField’s cast and battles. The Three Houses comparisons probably lend themselves to the elements outside of battle, as the broadcast offered additional footage of your day-to-day life, and free-roaming exploration bits. According to Square Enix, DioField follows a cast of mercenaries, Blue Fox, fighting in the embattled Kingdom of Alletain.

The DioField Chronicle release date is set for this September, while a demo is out in August.

As for talent on the game, the publisher has confirmed several noteworthy credits. Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Pacific Rim composer Ramin Djawadi is working on the soundtrack. While Final Fantasy XII and XIII veteran Isamu Kamikokuryo will handle concept art and Yuu Oshima (Fire Emblem Awakening) pens DioField’s scenario.

For now, it looks like the Steam listing still doesn’t have an updated release to confirm its worldwide debut. As for console releases, The DioField Chronicle is set to launch on PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s a lot to hold you over, as The DioField Chronicle joins a stacked lineup of other recent announcements from Square Enix, including more news on Final Fantasy XVI.