The Best Final Fantasy Games Are Coming to Game Pass Tomorrow

I said what I said.

Microsoft has announced the best games in the Final Fantasy series are coming to Xbox Game Pass tomorrow, May 13. No, I’m not talking about Final Fantasy VII, or VI, or even XIV. Friends, I’m talking about Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster.

The Xbox Game Pass social channels posted about it on Twitter with a tweet that looks like gibberish to the untrained, uncultured eye. It says “Translate for good news,” followed by a stream of letters that doesn’t look like any language spoken in the real world. However, Final Fantasy X and X-2 have a fictional language spoken by the Al Bhed machinists, and translating it is an in-game mechanic. As you collect primers on your journeys, letters are translated, eventually allowing you to understand what Al Bhed characters are saying. So, if you put these letters in an Al Bhed translator, you’ll find it says the following:


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At this point, Final Fantasy X | X-2 Remaster has been ported to several systems, so you may have already had your fill of Yuna and Tidus’ adventures across Spira. But if you haven’t and are subscribed to Game Pass, I genuinely cannot recommend the games enough. The first game is two decades old at this point, but having just replayed them both last year, they really hold up, and are one of the more traditional turn-based experiences in a franchise that’s leaning more action-heavy these days.

All that being said, I’m not exactly eager for Square-Enix to revisit those games like it has things like Final Fantasy VII with its remake and upcoming expansion. Mainly because I’m not sure I trust the series’ recent writing to do right by its characters, especially after the character assassination that was the Will audio drama that comes with the remasters.