Tencent Just Changed How To Get The Latest PUBG Mobile Beta

Erangel 2.Naw

PUBG Mobile beta builds might start to look a little different soon as Ocho and the team have begun the hunt for participants to what has typically been an open invitation. In the early hours of this morning (depending on your timezone, of course), the PUBG Mobile Twitter account made a post asking players interested in beta testing future game updates to apply through an all-too-familiar online form.

“Come and apply to be a part of the PUBG Mobile Beta Testing Group,” the post reads, with the peculiar capitalization making it sound like that super exclusive treehouse club Big Jhonny would never let you join. Click on through to the linked application form and you’re asked to provide your age and consent to answering whatever questions follow. You might want to read up on that supplied privacy agreement if you’re sensitive to that sort of stuff. Maybe contact that lawyer you have on retainer.

PUBG Mobile beta access

Tencent’s familiar form then asks for a bunch of in-game details like current account level, highest rank, and your user ID and tag. Taking a different approach to the beta experience than it has before, the requested details are presumably to vet the skill-levels of anyone already baited by the promise of trying “new content before anyone else.” After all, the announcement makes sure to ask for feedback in return for all that “new content” it’s waving in front of our faces.

Neither the 15-part questionnaire or the various ways the PUBG Mobile team used to get it in front of player’s eyes make any mention of why it exists in the first place. To those unfamiliar with PUBG Mobile, it might sound like a simple and innocent request to have thirsty soldiers help test new content in exchange for helpful feedback and insight, but experienced players will know things have been far more open up until now.

Before the form appeared, the PUBG Mobile social team would toss links to the game’s newest beta builds in places like Reddit and Discord, allowing anyone and everyone to download the work-in-progress build and try their hand at whatever was cooking back at Tencent HQ. Now, players are being asked to apply to have access to what has typically been an open-door policy without any mention as to why. Beyond that, details are even sparse when it comes to the criteria the team is looking for, and how and when successful applicants may be accepted or denied.

The form suggests Tencent is gearing up to test its monthly PUBG Mobile patch. We’re expecting Erangel 2.0, the rework of the game’s first and most popular map, to be part of it. Future beta tests could go back to being open to the general public, but the wording of the questionnaire might suggest otherwise. With such a big shakeup to the game on the horizon and a new promise of being “rewarded for playing future PUBG Mobile Beta and answering related surveys,” it’s possible Tencent is looking for more experienced and opinionated PUBG Mobile fans to properly test the map and is prepared to pay for their constructive critiques with in-game rewards.

So what we’re gathering here is that PUBG Mobile’s past open-door policy is going out of the window — for now, at least. That means if you’re not willing to provide your thoughts to the team on how to improve what you can try out in beta builds, you’re probably not who they’re looking for right now. If you do want to have a say in the game’s upcoming content, however, there’s a form for that now.

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