Telltale’s Stranger Things Is No More, but Its Music Lives On

The composers have released a few tracks written for the cancelled game.

In 2018, Telltale had begun a partnership with Netflix to work on a game based on the streaming service’s Stranger Things. When the studio closed in October of that same year, Stranger Things was, of course, cancelled, but there had already been some work done on the game within the studio. While the game itself may be lost to time, one piece of it has lived on, and was finally released yesterday: the music.

Antimo & Welles, a music production duo that had worked on projects with Telltale like Minecraft: Story Mode, has released six tracks that would have been used in the Stranger Things game had it ever come to be. According to the YouTube video the duo uploaded, the two were never compensated financially for their work, and they’d been sitting on the songs in hopes that they would be able to use it for another project. Now, two years after the studio’s closure, Antimo & Welles have released about 12 minutes of the seven hours of music they wrote in the summer of 2018 for the game that would have been Telltale’s Stranger Things.

Check out the full video below:

00:00 – Will’s Nightmare
02:12 – Walkies
03:14 – Islands in the Sky
05:40 – Eleventh Hour
09:32 – Smoke
11:05 – Rebuilding Castle Byers

The Stranger Things game was going to bridge the gap between the show’s second and third seasons. Following the game’s cancellation, unfinished footage of the game in development was posted online that featured Will Byers as a playable character, with sequences in both the real world and the paranormal “Upside Down.”

In other news:

Stranger Things is currently on its fourth season, which halted development earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has since resumed production.

Telltale Games shuttered in 2018, but the brand and its IP were acquired by LCG Entertainment, which has been re-releasing older Telltale games (although there’s been no official announcement of the studio’s best game Tales from the Borderlands getting any such love), as well as releasing new games on its own, which might include sequels to older games like the previously mentioned trip to Pandora. In terms of currently announced projects, the new Telltale Games is working on a sequel to The Wolf Among Us, which is based on the comic series called Fables. The original sequel began development under the original Telltale, but was re-announced at the 2019 Game Awards. The new studio also has retained the rights to Telltale’s Batman adaptation, which had two seasons released in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Following LCG’s Telltale acquisition, both episodic games were released as Telltale Batman Shadows Edition, which was basically the same game but also came with the option to put a noir filter over them.

The original closure happened during the development of the final season of The Walking Dead, which was completed at Skybound Entertainment with several developers from Telltale’s team finishing the project.


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