All Three Episodes of Tell Me Why Are Free For Pride Month

If you haven't played the story of the Ronan twins, now's your chance.

Dontnod Entertainment has announced Tell Me Why, its 2020 episodic adventure game, is free on Xbox and PC for all of June to celebrate Pride Month.

The first episode has been free since March, but this will make the second and third free as part of the celebration. As of this writing, the latter two episodes are still not showing up as free on Steam, but Dontnod has confirmed they will be after a store update goes through.

Tell Me Why stars twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan, the former of which is a trans man. In her review of the series for Fanbyte, Julie Muncy said she felt there was a lack of confidence in the execution of Tyler’s story.

“The traumas here are so deep, and so fundamentally particular, that perhaps Tell Me Why fears it will lose hold of them if it loosens its narrative grip,” Muncy wrote. “There’s a lot to work through here, and it’s easier to push forward — to march on to the next twist, the next hard conversation — than it is to authentically linger with the emotional fallout of the last. Whenever the narrative threatens to move in that direction, it’s interrupted, the train of thought broken. From this perspective, the game’s haste begins to feel a little like it’s repressing something.”

In other news:

Before Tell Me Why, Dontnod Entertainment developed two games in the Life is Strange series, but seems to be done with the franchise for the time being. Life is Strange: True Colors is set to come out this year and is being developed by Deck Nine.


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