Tell Me Why Community Solves Mystery, Unlocks Secrets for the Upcoming Game

The twins' birthday is the key.

Over the last week, the Tell Me Why community banded together to crack the code and unlock a secret file posted on the game’s official website.

The site first received attention when several press members received packages from the Tell Me Why team throughout the week of July 27. In the package is a letter from DONTNOD Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios informing the receiver that “what you have received in this packet may not paint the whole picture. Much like Tyler and Alyson, you are missing some clues and will need to compare notes with others who have different pieces of the puzzle.” People were encouraged to use the #TellMeWhyGame hashtag on Twitter to put together the materials and crack the code to “unlock a closer look at the secrets of Delos Crossing.”

I’ve included a picture of the letter I and others received below. While I did not share my package publicly, I was keeping track of the developments, comparing the materials in my package with those of other folks. I also knew I would be too clueless to solve anything myself, so I waited for fans to jump on the case.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long. After all, many of these fans are the same fans who dedicated themselves to posting on the subreddit for Life is Strange in the months between each episode’s release, trying to solve the secrets of Arcadia Bay, Rachel Amber, and Max Caulfield’s powers.

On July 31, the code was cracked. While it was a collective effort among fans on the official Tell Me Why Discord server, among other places on the internet, it was Twitter user @p2008t who discovered the password.

The code needed to access the secret file and its content is 3794. It is a reference to March 7, 1994: the birthdate of the twins. If you’d like to access the contents of the file, be sure to put in the password on the website, save the ZIP file, and open it up.

The file contains a short story titled, “The Goblins meet the Ice Troll,” along with concept art of the twins’ rooms, different locales in Delos Crossing, and cosplay guides for Alyson and Tyler.

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Tell Me Why is Dontnod Entertainment’s upcoming adventure game that’s published by Xbox Game Studios. It’s a mystery that centers on twins Alyson and Tyler Ronan, who use their bond to unravel the memories and secrets of their childhood. Judging by the launch trailer that was aired during the 2020 Xbox Showcase, the story will also have a strong focus on the twins’ mother and her fate. Throughout the game, you’ll shape the twins’ relationship as well as the future course of their lives.

The game’s director, Florent Guillaume, has stated it is, “a story about memories and secrets. As the twins delve deeper into their shared past, the title is meant to evoke a need for information and connection.” DONTNOD Entertainment narrative director Stéphane Beauverger wanted the game’s title to “reflect the core essence of the game’s story: a journey of understanding.” The game will have more than two endings, with the first episode ranging anywhere from a few hours to seven hours depending on a player’s pace.

Tell Me Why will be released on Xbox One and PC. The first episode will be released on Aug. 27. The second and third episodes will be released on Sept. 3 and Sept. 10 respectively.