Teamfight Tactics Mobile Starts Limited Beta, Aims for March Launch

Starting now, you may be able to beta test the mobile edition of Teamfight Tactics, the massive autochess-inspired League of Legends spin-off game.

You can finally scratch your Teamfight Tactics itch on the go pretty soon. And for some people, “pretty soon” is today. In an announcement today, Riot announced the first slow rollout of the Teamfight Tactics mobile game, plus the planned launch date of March 2020. The catch? The current beta of the TFT app is only on Android — and it’s only for certain, select countries.

Riot Games, which still shocks everyone as being singular-plural now, announced Teamfight Tactics for mobile back in October. The news was part of its bulk announcement of games based in the League of Legends universe. Release was set as being “early 2020,” but the team planned to focus more on the PC edition than rush a mobile launch. Now, of course, it’s “early 2020,” as is March 2020, so things seem to be on track.

In fact, things are so on-track, the first waves of beta tests are going out! Again, certain countries will be able to join a closed beta test. The list isn’t made public, but if you want to give it a roll, it can’t hurt.

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Check if You Can Play Teamfight Tactics Mobile Yet

Are you on Android? Your chances are a lot better right now to get into the Teamfight Tactics mobile beta… well, right now. Again, we don’t know exactly what countries are able to play now (nor in the future), but you can always check!

Android users eager to get into the closed beta can check by navigating to the Google Play page for the game. There, you’ll see a “Pre-Register” button. Just go ahead and click it, and you’ll know soon enough when your region is included in the beta. Heck, you may even get it today!

Not an Android user? Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be news about Teamfight Tactics for Apple/iOS or the few other platforms out there. You’ll just have to join the mailing list and keep an ear on the ground. (We’ll definitely try to give a heads-up and update when it’s available on iOS!)

It sounds like Riot aims to include a larger number of people when the initial March release happens. So regardless, we’re not far off! It’s only been four months; we can wait one more.

What Are the Changes?

The announcement also explained many of the differences between the PC and mobile editions of Teamfight Tactics. Obviously, the mobile TFT client will be a standalone app experience. Thankfully for long-time League and TFT players, the new client will carry over many important features from the original.

teamfight tactics mobile beta gameplay

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Social tools from League such as friends, invites, and lobbies will pop up when the client launches. Ranked systems and the progression pass will also carry over.

But more important is the in-game experience. It’s pretty hard imagine the Champion Shop being, well, usable at all if they directly copied the PC version onto a phone. For that reason, the Champion Shop can be opened with a button, and it’ll sit directly on the screen next to the battlefield.

Sadly, there’s no in-game chat. But much like other mobile games, TFT has come up with a solution: taunts, animations, and more can be activated with a Little Legend emote menu.

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