Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.23 TFT Patch Notes – The First Set 2 Balance Changes

Now that Rise of the Elements is live in Teamfight Tactics, players have been wondering what’s next for the game. It’s still very early on so we’ll likely only see balance changes for the time being. Riot has detailed all of the changes coming with tomorrow’s TFT Patch 9.23!

When Does TFT Patch 9.23 Go Live?

You don’t have too long to wait. The real patch will drop in the main game on Wednesday, November 20! That’s assuming all goes according to plan, of course.

TFT 9.23 Patch Summary

Here’s a quick summary of everything that’s being changed. For detailed updates, check the full notes below.


  • Classes: Warden, Ocean
  • Champions: Taliyah, Skarner, Thresh, Ezreal, Ashe, Malphite, Taric


  • Classes: Shadow, Glacial
  • Items: Guardian Angel, Ionic Spark, Iceborne Gauntlet
  • Champions: Ivern, Maokai, Vladimir, Malzahar, Olaf, Yorick, Singed

Changes / Bug Fixes

  • Classes: Woodland
  • Champions: Vladimir, Zyra, Veigar, Ashe

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TFT 9.23 Patch Notes

Greetings Tacticians!

The Elements are here, and they are rising. The All-new Elemetal Hex system, new champions, Origins, Classes, and Abilities are shaking up the Convergence. The new set also brings a new ranked season to Teamfight Tactics, study up and get ready to climb on patch 9.23. Last, but certainly not least, we’ve decreased the number of each champion in the pool making forced team compositions more difficult and opening more paths to victory.

Take this portal if you’re looking for League’s patch notes!

Let’s get into it!

Blake “Riot Beernana” Edwards

Rise of the Elements

  • Explore! the new Elemental Hexes, Champions, Origins, and Classes.
  • Read this! for our learnings from the Beta Set and our goals for the new set.

General Game Changes

We made a few systemic changes in preparation for Rise of the Elements. The board size change will allow for additional options and decisions to make the optimal formation for any given situation. Many of the other changes account for the champions and synergies in the new set.

  • Board size: 3 rows of 7 hexes ⇒ 4 rows of 7 hexes.
  • Player Damage: 3/3/3/4/5/6 ⇒ 2/3/4/5/6/7
  • Summoned units don’t deal player damage by themselves, but they count as as if their Summoner was alive if at least 1 of them survives the round.
  • Level 8 Champion drop chances per Tier level: 15/20/35/22/8 ⇒ 15/20/35/24/6
  • Once you pick up a champion from the carousel, your Little Legend will no longer collide with your opponents.

Ranked Changes

New season, new rules.

  • Ranked is off during patch 9.22, it will return with patch 9.23.
  • Placing 4th or better will never deduct LP. Placing 5th or lower will never reward LP.
  • We’re slightly decreasing the number of challenger and grandmaster slots in many regions in order to make sure that the master to challenger ranks have the appropriate distribution of players.
  • Korea, Vietnam, China: 300 Challengers, 700 Grand Masters.
  • EU West and North America: 200 Challengers, 500 Grand Masters.
  • All other regions: 50 Challengers, 100 Grand Masters.

Champion Pool Changes

We’re decreasing the number of each champion in the pool. It will be much more difficult for multiple players to build similar teams. Keep an eye on what your opponents are building and find the open synergies for maximum success.

  • Tier 1: 39 ⇒ 29
  • Tier 2: 26 ⇒ 22
  • Tier 3: 18 ⇒ 16
  • Tier 4: 13 ⇒ 12
  • Tier 5: 10

Mana Generation

  • 1 Star Champions: 6-10 Mana per attack ⇒ 8 Mana per attack
  • 2 star champions: 10 Mana per attack
  • 3 star champions: 10 Mana per attack ⇒ 12 Mana per attack
  • Mana generated from taking damage reduced by 15%.


Recipe Changes

  • Cursed Blade has been removed
  • Negatron Cloak + Recurve Bow = Ruunan’s Hurricane
  • Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod = Inferno’s Cinder
  • Spatula + Tear of the Goddess = Mage’s Cap
  • Spatula + Chain Vest = Warden’s Mail
  • Spatula + Negatron Cloak = Talisman of Light
  • Spatula + Sparring Gloves = Berserker’s Axe

Stat Changes

  • All Spatula Items: No longer give double stats
  • Chain Vest Armor: 20 ⇒ 25
  • Deathcap Ability Power: +50% ⇒ +75%
  • Dragon’s Claw Magic Reduction: 75% ⇒ 50%
  • Giant’s Slayer: 5% Max Health True Damage ⇒ 8% Current Health Physical Damage
  • Guardian’s Angel: 500 Health on revive ⇒ 400 Health on revive
  • Hand of Justice Damage and life on hit: 40% or 40 ⇒ 50% or 50
  • Ionic Spark True Damage: 125 ⇒ 100
  • Luden’s Echo Damage: 180 ⇒ 150
  • Luden’s Echo now always goes off once per spell cast
  • Negatron Cloak Magic Resist: 20 ⇒ 25
  • Recurve Bow Attack Speed: 20% ⇒ 15%
  • Runaan’s Hurricane Bonus Damage: 75% ⇒ 60%
  • Runaan’s Hurricane now grants one extra bolt per copy on a Champion.
  • Thieves Gloves: Increased Average value of items at Level 8 & 9.

Item System

  • Uncommon orbs average gold value reduced very slightly.
  • Gold orbs average gold value reduced very slightly.
  • Spatula drop rates reduced.
  • Reduced the chances of getting combined items slightly.
  • Dragons now drop two common orbs in addition to their carried item.
  • Elder Dragon and Rift Herald drop a common and an uncommon orb in addition to their carried item.

Trait UI Tooltip Update

  • Champions that contribute to a Trait will have their portraits and tier information displayed inside the tooltip.
  • Champions that are active on the battlefield will have their portraits highlighted

Freljord Arena Skins

Bring your armies to the frozen lands of the Freljord with three all-new arena skins.

  • Find out more about the three new boards and potential future boards here!.


  • Red Buff & Morellonomicon tooltips are now correct.
  • Fixed a bug where 3-Star Tier 3 units were doing 1 more player damage than intended.

TFT Ranked Ladder Reset

Here’s Riot MapleNector with information on the ranked ladder reset.

Hey Tacticians!

With Rise of the Elements now out in the wild, and our first patch coming to a close, we wanted to highlight what you should expect from the next Teamfight Tactics ranked split when it kicks back off this week on patch 9.23. There’s three main things we wanted to cover:

  • We’ll be hard resetting everyone’s rank down to Iron.
  • We’ll be soft resetting everyone’s MMR.
  • Never losing LP for coming 4th

Why a hard rank reset?

For many of you, we know that progressing through the ladder as you master a game can be an incredibly satisfying period of time. We want to see if we can offer that entirely fresh ranked experience each time we release a new set. Given that we’ve introduced almost entirely new champions, spells, and strategies, we feel now is a good time to go for a big change, and gather feedback from players to see how it feels to inform future set releases. It’s worth noting that during placements – the first 5 ranked games you play on 9.23, you will not lose any LP regardless of how low you place so the sky’s the limit if you win all 5!

Why a soft MMR reset?

While everyone kicking off their ranked split from the same rank is exciting, we still want the games at the start of the season to feel competitive and fair. We don’t want someone totally new to ranked ending up in a game with all of you former challenger players, just like we don’t want a challenger player finding themselves in a lobby with a bunch of players in Iron (and me). Since we’d changed SO much about the game however, we went with a soft reset to reflect the learning process we are all going through while maintaining the competitive nature of the queue. That being said, players who were high MMR in Set 1 can expect that they’ll progress through the ranks faster than those who were lower MMR. While we want your first games to be competitive, we also didn’t want it to feel like you were punished for doing well during set 1.

Never losing LP for coming 4th

One clear pain point from Set 1 that many of you brought to our attention was that it felt really bad to place 4th in a game, thinking you “won”, only to end up losing LP. These instances were rare, but when they happened they really felt shitty, so we wanted to make some improvements. In set 2, 4th place will now never result in an LP loss, but 5th place always will. We hope that this makes games where you make it to the top 4 feel more exciting, helps change the mindset that the only way to win is to come 1st, and it allows us to add some additional in game ceremony to help recognize your placement.

We’re super excited to watch you figure out the new strategies available in Rise of the Elements over the coming months! Please continue to give us feedback, it helped us build Rise of the Elements knowing confidently that we were moving in the right direction. You can read up on some of the other larger changes we’ve made here.

And that’s everything we’ve rounded up for now. There may very well be other changes on the PBE server that we’ve missed. This is just meant to be a summary of the most notable things we expect to go live with the next patch! Make sure to check back on when the patch is live for the complete TFT patch notes!