Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.20 PBE Patch Notes – Gunslinger & Assassin Buffs

The latest TFT patch, 9.20, promises minor changes as we wait for the big drop.

Wondering what the next Teamfight Tactics patch has in store? We’ve rounded up all of the changes on the PBE and put together our very own TFT 9.20 PBE Patch Notes! It should be a big patch with the current Beta Pass coming to a close. While we might have a one-week patch between passes, that may not be the case. We’ll let you know if we see anything that shows that to be true.

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When Does TFT Patch 9.20 Go Live?

You don’t have too long to wait. The real patch will drop in the main game on Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019! That’s assuming all goes according to plan, of course.

PBE Patch Notes & Changes


The new Storm Rift Arena! That’s a nice little addition for folks who are surely sick of seeing the same old thing. It’s not a huge difference, but does shake things up notably enough to matter.


Here’s who and what should be doing a bit better in TFT going forward, thanks to buffs to their abilities.

  • Kai’Sa: Bonus attack speed increased from 30/60/90 percent to 50/75/100 percent. Shield increased from 300/600/900 to 400/700/1000. Kai’Sa should not hitting harder and live just a little bit longer. Nice.
  • Lucian: Ability second attack damage increased from 100/225/350 to 125/250/375.
  • Guardian: Armor increased from 35 to 45. That’s a pretty sizable boost!
  • Gunslinger: 50 percent chance to attack 1/2/3 → 1/3/5 additional targets in range. Groups of four and six gunslingers should now have more of an impact, whereas previously their internal synergy was a bit low.
  • Planned Items: Deathblade, Quicksilver
  • Planned Champions: Fiora, Aatrox, Gangplank, Volibear


And here are the unlucky ones… Patch 9.20 for TFT also seems to include some nerfs. Although they don’t seem completely out of control.

  • Wild: Attack speed lowered from 12 percent to 10 percent. It’s not a huge change, but might make something of an impact for players out there.
  • Knight: (6) Your team ignores 65 → 60 damage from all sources. Blobs of knights aren’t quick as hard to kill as before!
  • Assassin: 75/150/225 percent Crit Damage & 10/25/30 percent → 5/15/30 percent Crit Chance for your Assassins. This change obviously only affects early globs of Assassins. Teams of three and six will have a tougher time keeping their damage up alone.
  • Planned Items: Frozen Heart, Infinity Edge, Thief’s Gloves
  • Planned Champions: Poppy, Akali

And that’s everything we’ve rounded up for now. There may very well be other changes on the PBE server that we’ve missed. This is just meant to be a summary of the most notable things we expect to go live this week! Make sure to check back on Wednesday when the 9.20 patch is live for the complete TFT patch notes! And continue to check with us when TFT patch 9.21 inevitably drops.