Team SoloMid Enters PUBG Mobile, Signs Entity Gaming

It's part of a bigger push into the mobile space

The big PUBG Mobile news of this week wasn’t just the release of patch 0.17.0, but the partnership deal between the game and one of the biggest esports organizations in the world. Announced out of the blue through the game’s official Instagram account, Team SoloMid looks set to play a big part in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia event.

Details were scarce when the information first began making the rounds, but the TSM website was recently updated to officiate the news. According to other outlets more familiar with the PUBG Mobile competitive scene in India and other South Asian territories, the announcement was expected to be made through the Team SoloMid and/or Entity Gaming channels first, but was instead pushed through the game’s official accounts, making it look like a spoiled surprise.

PUBG Mobile TSM-Entity

The partnership sees Team SoloMid make its first push into India’s competitive scene by pairing up with Entity Gaming for the upcoming competition. It’s the organization’s first step into PUBG Mobile, too. The US-based organization has amassed an estimated $5.64 in total prize winnings over the last ten years by competing in games like League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Rocket League.

Though the group has no prior connection to the PUBG Mobile pro circuit, it has handled a European-based PUBG division since 2017. Over those years, Team SoloMid’s PUBG team has earned an estimated $193,000, with $80,000 coming from a 7th place finish during last year’s PUBG Mobile Global Championship. Throughout the same season, the team brought in most of their total lifetime earnings through numerous Top 10 finishes in each of the competition’s phases.

AFKGaming notes Entity Gaming as “one of the best Indian teams” after winning the South Asia PMCO Fall 2019 qualifiers and finishing at 5th place in the main event. It’s said to be the greatest finish of an Indian team at an international event so far, which no doubt played a large part in Team SoloMid deciding to back the promising up and comers.

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The site also notes that while it’s a shocking and surprising development to come out of the blue, it’s not the first time a Western esports organization has stepped into the Indian side of PUBG Mobile. Fnatic, a London-based organization with 15 years under its belt, announced a move into PUBG Mobile when it acquired Indian team XSpark in late 2019. After a small roster change, the team won the PUBG Mobile All Stars event, claiming an impressive $28,000 for their efforts. Entity Gaming, then on the cusp of being acquired by a similar international organization, came in 4th place and took home just $2,800.

Since its impressive debut in the region, Fnatic has committed to building a “gaming facility” in India, suggesting a larger move into the region’s esports events in the near future, with its PUBG Mobile team now training at a temporary boot camp in Mumbai.

With so many successful teams under the belts of both Fnatic and Team SoloMid, a second jolt of support from Western esports organizations suggests PUBG Mobile is being recognized as a major title in more regions across the world. It’s the kind of push the game needs to grow, and team major teams entering in such a short period of time is a great sign of things to come.

Assuming the Entity Gaming team doesn’t go through a shakeup similar to Fnatic’s own upon acquisition, the TSM-Entity roster should be as follows:

  • Jonathan
  • Clutchgod
  • Neyooo
  • Zedgod
  • Ghatak

In a statement released through the TSM website, Entity Gaming’s CEO Neerav Rukhana sees the acquisition as the “monumental step” needed to “bring an international trophy home,” and suggests a move into more mobile games in on the cards.

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