Tales from the Borderlands Seems to Be Getting a Re-Release

Rhys and Fiona's fate might not be ambiguous for much longer.

It looks like Tale from the Borderlands, the best game by Telltale Games, actually, is getting a re-release with new content, new features, and a whole new scenario that seems to answer questions about the game’s original, ambiguous ending.

News of this comes from a leaked trailer posted on imgur, which refers to the re-release as Tales from the Borderlands Redux. The whole thing is recorded off a screen and isn’t exactly stellar quality or entirely in frame, but there’s at least a good enough view to get a sense of everything that’s coming in this hypothetical “definitive” edition.

Here’s the trailer, and it’s broken up into two parts:

Among the new content shown in the video, first up is the inclusion of commentary from developers, but if there’s any specifics on who is going to be walking you through the development process in the trailer it’s located just out of shot. There will also be a kind of museum to look at Tales from the Borderlands character models, codex entries, and concept art, as demonstrated with characters like antagonist Hugo P. Vasquez, Sasha, and August. Then finally, there will be a bonus episode that appears to take place after the end of the finale episode, where [SPOILERS] protagonists Rhys and Fiona disappeared in a vault. While an ambiguous ending is all well and good, Rhys does appear in Borderlands 3, but Fiona doesn’t. So maybe this is the time to reveal what happened to her?

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The trailer also ends with the number 2 just ominously hanging out on the screen for a few seconds, and this is probably a tease for the rumored sequel that was being whispered about just last month. This bonus episode might have some clues as to what this new game might entail, but I’m probably getting ahead of myself as we don’t know when Tales from the Borderlands Redux actually makes its way onto storefronts yet beyond that it will be sometime this year.

This re-release is the latest in Telltale Games putting its catalog back on digital storefronts after the studio’s revival in 2018 following its closure. The company no longer owns the rights to several of its games like The Walking Dead, but still retains the rights to some of them like The Wolf Among Us, which the new studio is developing a sequel for. However, if leaks are to be believed, that game is apparently “on hold” for the time being.

While whatever’s going on for Tales from the Borderlands Redux signals Telltale’s return to this universe, Gearbox is in the midst of supporting Borderlands 3, which will have its next DLC titled “Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock,” out next week on March 26, featuring things like a gay wedding and also more looting and shooting. There’s also a movie in the works being directed by Eli Roth, known for his work on films like the Hostel series.


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