Final Sword & Shield Trailer Shows Wooloo Rolling, Two New Pokemon

Wooloo! Rolling! And new Pokedex additions, I guess.

With less than four days until Pokemon Sword & Shield hits the Nintendo Switch, Game Freak is amping up the last few days with some hype. The Pokemon development studio dropped the “final” trailer/promotional video for the game before the game officially drops later this week, and there’s a bit to take in. (Keep in mind, while this is the Japanese version of the trailer, we haven’t gotten full details on new content in either language yet.)

Game Freak introduced possibly the most important mini-game of the year, in which you roll Wooloos through a gate. But we’ll take care of the more formal matters first — if you’re a Pokemon fan, you’re probably on the lookout for new Pokemon with each new drop. And there certainly are new Pokemon! One has a bit of a cheesy, gen-one “personality” theme, and the other is a little… edgier? Literally?

New Pokemon

First, we have this guy, who looks like… sort of a bad stereotype of an old Brit, actually.

He (because we cannot imagine this being coded as anything but male) reminds me of the older, more unusual “human-ish” Pokemon designs, like Jinx and Mr Mime. It doesn’t seem to have a real “type” attached to it aesthetically, so maybe it’s “normal.” My guess is, it’s the Boomer Pokemon, or the YouTuber Critic Pokemon.

This new darker-looking Pokemon also debuted for a second or two in the trailer:

This one is less “man” and more “man-made” It appears to be a drawing of something brought to life: something from a museum? Graffiti? Old storytelling murals that appear on churches? Cave drawings? Whatever the case, it’s an angry snakey boy doodle come to life. And it appears to have some Dark attributes, especially in the dark-purple eye and the dark-purple ability we see. So it may be a Dark type!

More Like This:

We don’t know too much about either new Pokemon shown! Neither has shown up on the Pokemon official sites yet. Especially with the game releasing so soon, though, we’ll surely hear more — plus more from the upcoming Galarian region’s Pokedex.

But look. That’s great and all! Game Freak is really creative, as usual! Except, let’s talk about what really matters here.

Wooloo Rolling.

wooloo rolling

This minigame only showed up for a half-second in the trailer, but that’s all I need to know in order to know that, yes, this is exactly what the world needed. “Wooloo Rolling” is not the official name, but there are Wooloos and there’s rolling. So until Game Freak hits us with that official title, this is what I’m sticking with.

We already know that Wooloos’ defining trait is their rolling; when in the face of danger, instead of running, they’ll drop forward (or sideways, or whatever) and roll away from the threat. Literally. Roll. Away. This made the Wooloo a near-instant favorite with many. Combined with its cute face, fluffy coat, and absolutely perfect side-braids in its hair, Wooloo has already made a splash among not just Pokemon fans, but in gaming in general.

Now, it looks like this absolutely perfect creature has a mini-game tapping into the rolling habit. In the split-second preview, a Trainer is seen chasing Wooloos as they roll away. They’re being herded towards a gate, which has what we assume is a Wooloo counter.

Basically, Wooloo Rolling is the next big competitive frontier — the next massive esport, I’d even reckon. League of Legends? Smash Bros? Overwatch League, even? Look out, you absolute fools. Wooloo Rolling is it.


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