VR Fans Are Alive, Spent $2 Million On Superhot VR This Holiday

The holidays saw a sales spike for the puzzle shooter game's VR version. To be fair, it's the most innovative shooter I've played in years.

One of the biggest mind-bending games of the decade isn’t cooling off anytime soon. Superhot, originally released in 2016, has been chugging along steadily as one of the most renowned games of the 2010s, if not of all time. But to the surprise of many, one platform saw a massive spike in interest: virtual reality. In fact, Superhot VR saw some of its best sales over the last week or so.

According to Callum Underwood, who works on the Superhot team among other projects, Superhot VR saw over $2 million in sales from about December 22 or 23rd until the announcement on the 29th.

“SUPERHOT VR has grossed over 2 million dollars on all platforms in the past 7 days alone. Thank you players!!”


The numbers appear to be estimated combined sales for all platforms on which Superhot VR is available: Steam, Oculus, PS VR and more. The team doesn’t have a precise number for PlayStation VR. However, he claims in a follow-up tweet that “our IndieBI analysts are confident!”

There are two factors likely responsible for the sales spike: Superhot being on sale in VR stores, and the Valve Index’s recent high-sales run. For one, Superhot saw decent discounts on both Steam and the PlayStation store, with each dropping down to $16.99 and $16.74 respectively. Basically, if you’re going to pick it up, now would be the time.

Meanwhile, VR might be seeing a second wind, as it’s a good time for Steam’s VR market. In mid-November, Valve dropped the trailer for Half-Life: Alyx, their first Half-Life game in… well, too damn long. And as a result, Steam Index, Valve’s newest-generation VR platform, saw an enormous surge in sales. Demand was so high that late-November orders were marked as potentially not arriving until after the holidays.

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Not to mention Superhot is just extremely good. It’s even the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years… That aside, it’s a well-respected puzzle-shooter that’s maintained its reputation since its early days. In 2015, after a successful game jam demo, it blasted past its $100,000 Kickstarter goal, peaking just over $250,000 with a promise of Oculus Rift support down the road.

The PC versions of Superhot debuted in early 2016; the first VR editions were released in December 2016.  Since then, Superhot has been made available on nearly any platform that matters today. This year, it even received a Nintendo Switch edition.

If you haven’t picked up the mind-bender, it’s not too late. Again, Superhot VR is on sale for PS VR as a digital download, as well as on Steam, both likely for their winter sales.