Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Done With Balance Patches

All 82 characters have been crystalized in one final update.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate put out its last DLC character with Sora from Kingdom Hearts earlier this year, but it looks like Nintendo is also done balancing the game to accommodate all the characters in its massive roster.

If you want to get the entire breakdown of changes, check out Nintendo’s support page on the latest patch. Even with all its buffs and nerfs, the final balance patch only touches on a fraction of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 82-character roster. Director Masahiro Sakurai took to his personal Twitter to confirm this update would be the last to touch the game’s balance and thanked everyone involved. While this doesn’t preclude new updates to the game to bring small-scale content like new Spirits, it does mean these characters are going to play like this for the rest of the game’s lifetime. It’s a tough call to make for a competitive game to close the book on this kind of thing, but it will be interesting to see what Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s meta settles into as players try out these crystalized versions of each character.

In other news:

Now that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is all it will ever be, we’ve been looking at the game holistically here at Fanbyte, from ranking all the characters that were added to the game as DLC, as well as the reveal trailers for every newcomer. While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate might be done, Sakurai says he’s unsure what the future of the series looks like. Though he believes, should there be a new game, he will still be involved in some capacity. One has to wonder what a Super Smash Bros. game post-Ultimate looks like, considering it already features every character that’s ever been a part of Nintendo’s crossover brawler.