Super Bomberman R Online Now Coming to Non-Stadia Platforms

The game has a new chance to bomb.

Super Bomberman R Online, a Stadia-exclusive online Bomberman game that put 64 players in one arena and had them bomb to the death, launched in September last year. It was, without exaggeration, the most exciting Stadia announcement of 2020 for me. It remains the only Stadia game I played for multiple hours. Now it can be an exciting announcement for everyone else, as Super Bomberman R Online is coming to PC and consoles.

The problem with Super Bomberman R Online is the problem with putting, say, a third-party online game on the Wii U. No matter how good your game is, if it requires filling up a multiplayer arena on a platform no one is playing it, then you’re going to get a lot of bots. This was frequently the case with Super Bomberman R Online, where I’d find maybe eight humans in a match and 56 robots.

Not that I necessarily expect a late port to do much better, but at least it has crossplay, so there’s much bigger potential there.

Konami’s press release for the game did not indicate a release date or platforms, only that the game is ditching its Stadia exclusivity in favor of console and PC ports. We will know more in the coming weeks.


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