Streets of Rage 4’s Floyd Brings Multiplayer Announcements in His Big, Strong Metal Arms

The beat-em-up will support up to four players locally.

We’re still a bit of time away from the launch of Streets of Rage 4, the first game in the beat-em-up series since 1994. However, to satiate your appetite, its final playable character has been revealed and he brings with him announcements about how you’ll be able to clean up the streets with a friend or a group of friends.

Floyd Iraia is the fifth and final playable character in Streets of Rage 4, and is a newcomer to the franchise. This man has an entire arsenal built into his mechanical arms, including (but not limited to) tasers to electrocute and stun enemies, a grappling attachment to pull baddies toward him, and a huge laser cannon to do what huge laser cannons do.

Check out the full reveal trailer below:

Along with revealing Floyd, the trailer also confirms Streets of Rage 4 will feature a two-player online co-op mode, as well as a four-player co-op mode for local play, a first for the series. Since the game has five playable characters right now, that means at least one of them will not get to participate at any given play session, so we can at least imagine they’re cheering on the other four fighters from the sidelines and aren’t bitter about being excluded at all.

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Streets of Rage 4 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch (as announced during Nintendo’s latest indies direct) in the spring. Since the series has been on ice for over 20 years, Lizardcube, Dotemu, and Guard Crush Games are doing a lot to make the game current and relevant in a modern market, while also maintaining the classic beat-em-up feel of the first three games. I played the game a couple times while I was at PAX South in January, and was really surprised at both how gorgeous its hand-drawn aesthetic was, but how complex it was in terms of combos and the importance of team coordination. And that demo was just set up for two players, so I’m interested to see if four players adds to that dynamic or makes things a little too chaotic for my tastes.

For some more hands-on impressions, check out our preview from PAX West.


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