Final Fantasy Origin Hero is Here to Remind You Who You Were as an Angsty Teen

Who among us hasn't started blaring rap rock while walking away?

Full disclosure, I had to use Google to remember the name of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin because that information straight up left the grey lump between my ears at some point. Which is ironic, considering we broke that story before it was revealed at E3 2021. I’m not even trying to dunk on the game, I promise! Its name is just unwieldy and doesn’t roll out of my brain. Anyway, some outlets and content creators around the internet had a chance to see extended sections of the game, but my favorite thing that’s come out of this new content dump is one scene featuring protagonist Jack Garland. The one who wants to destroy Chaos, you know?

The scene in question was captured by Twitch streamer damianicus, and it’s now starting to spread on social media platforms like Twitter. Out of context, it’s hilarious, but I can’t imagine any context that makes this scene anything other than a comedic bit. All we see is Jack saying “bullshit,” and then whipping out his cellular device to listen to something straight out of an early Linkin Park record. Instant flashbacks to my preteen self being pissy toward my parents for making me go to church, taking away a video game, or saying I couldn’t go to a friend’s house that weekend, then locking myself in my room.

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I don’t really care what the larger context of this scene is, because it’s already perfectly primed for social media reaction memes to bad takes or anti-vaccination propaganda. NME’s preview of Stranger of Paradise calls it “The Shadow the Hedgehog of soulslikes,” and having replayed that game this year, the vibes are absolutely in sync. So if you’re looking for something to remind you what you were like as a teen in the early 00’s, this game seems to be latched onto that particular energy.