15-Year-Old Flash Game Stinkoman 20X6 Gets New Level Days Before Flash Dies

Stinkoman 20X6 is finished just in time to go away forever.

Adobe is pulling support of Flash in just a few short days. As the company announced way back in 2017, Flash will no longer be supported on browsers on December 31 of this years, a mere ten days away from this writing. What does that mean for all the games and programs that have been using Flash to keep interactive content in web browsers? Adobe recommended migrating Flash games to other open-source platforms. But that’s all 2017 news. Why are we talking about it today? Well, as it turns out, there’s a Flash game that’s finally gotten a long-promised tenth level…11 days before Flash goes away forever. The game is called Stinkoman 20X6, and it’s a Mega Man-style action platformer, and 15 years after its initial release in 2005, the game is finally complete.

The final level isn’t the only thing Videlectrix added to Stinkoman 20X6, as it also brings with it a new mode aimed to make the game a little bit easier. It adds more base lives and energy to make the whole thing a little more forgiving, as anyone who has played a Mega Man game can attest, that style of game can be very challenging.

If you want a chance to play the final level before it’s gone, or if you never played the original at any point in the past 15 years, here’s the link to the site it’s hosted on.

For a visual rundown of all the changes, including the new level, mode, and some quality-of-life improvements, check out the launch trailer below:

In other news:

Despite the self-deprecating jokes the trailer leads with about the level not being worth the wait, hopefully there is something in the works to ensure the game survives in some way. Since the announcement that Flash was going to die, there have been initiatives to preserve games and content that used the platform like Flashpoint, which is an archive of several thousand Flash games.

In general, preservation has been a pretty big issue for video games and interactive content. While PC games are relatively safe due to their ubiquitous, future proofed nature, backwards compatibility is only just now being considered a priority for consoles. The Xbox Series X/S can play almost any game that has launched on an Xbox platform, but the PlayStation 5 is only able to play PS4 games as of this writing. The Xbox One received backwards compatible functionality with the Xbox 360 and original Xbox post-launch, so there’s a chance that Sony may one day make games from older PlayStation consoles playable on PS5, but the company has given no hints that any such plans are in the works. PlayStation Now, a streaming service that lets you play older PlayStation games on any device that supports it, can be considered a form of preservation for those games. But video game streaming has a long way to go before it can be considered a viable alternative to native gameplay.


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