Starfield Leaked Ahead of Conference with November Release Date

The space game has a lot of space between now and its release.

Ahead of their annual E3 conference today, Microsoft’s newly-acquired Bethesda acquisition got a bit of a hit in the stomach when Starfield was seen for the first official time since the game was revealed at E3 2018. It comes out from The Washington Post’sĀ Launcher site, which accidentally posted an in-engine trailer of the game too early. The trailer, which showed a person taking off in a modern-ish space shuttle also closed with a surprising release date: November 11, 2022.

While the video has now been removed, it seems all but certain at this point thatĀ Starfield was meant to be in today’s Microsoft conference. No gameplay was seen in the initial video, but it does give a good idea of what the tone and aesthetic of the game may be.

The November release date is a bit further away than many expected, with rumors swirling about the game launching early next year or even maybe, optimistically, in 2021. It seems like we’ll have to wait quite a bit longer than that to see Bethesda Game Studios’ newest internal title, though.