Star Wars: The Old Republic Keeps on Chugging With Legacy of the Sith

The game's next expansion also mark 10 years of SWTOR.

There was a time that Star Wars: The Old Republic felt like it had fallen off the face of this or any other galaxy. After a good run of yearly DLC, there were no big, named expansions for nearly three years after Knights of the Eternal Throne add-on. Though like most quietly prosperous MMOs, the game kept plucking away with free updates that I assume many players must have enjoyed. I assume so because the game finally received another major content drop, Onslaught, in 2019. Now this nearly 10 year old starship is circling back for yet another run with the Legacy of the Sith expansion.

Many of the details in the game’s latest press release mean little to a SWTOR layperson like myself. I actually enjoyed the game a fair bit back in 2012, and I continue to hear great things about the story in particular, but haven’t had as much time to make for true MMOs since. I do understand the level cap jump from 75 to 80, though. Not to mention there’s a new Flashpoint (i.e. a big cooperative mission zone) set on planet Elom. According to Wookieepedia, the Elom are aliens that look like Chewbacca if he had a crab face, and live in “frozen grottos” on their titular home world. That also tracks with the one bit of Elom concept art Bioware sent alongside the announcement.

swtor combat styles

Naturally, with the game’s 10th anniversary coming up, Bioware has also has celebration plans. The anniversary itself won’t be until December. So the festivities will run throughout 2022 — adding “new content, events, updates and more.”

Most of this is very vague. Legacy of the Sith doesn’t even have a proper release date yet. It’s just coming sometime “this Holiday season.” That said, one new feature does sound pretty interesting. Players will soon be able to select different “Combat Styles” according to their class. By the sound of it, any gun-type character — like Smugglers and Bounty Hunters — will be able to pull elements from similar classes. Whereas Force users will be able to do the same with their own peers. The single in-game image we received shows a Republic trooper swapping between blaster pistols, sniper rifles, and the usual heavy cannon I remember them wielding back in the day.

More customization options — along with endgame content and quality-of-life improvements — sound just dandy to me. And longtime fans will be able to take that into battle through new story missions. That’s another intriguing prospect since, once again, I hear good things about the story. This time players are hunting down Darth Malgus: that bad guy who is not Darth Malak from Knights of the Old Republic, but who certainly seems like he shops at the same mask store.

Is all this enough to get me back into SWTOR? Probably not any time soon, but I’m on the record as someone who respects the hell out of games that see continued support for years after release. Even if they’re not as big as, say, World of Warcraft. And a nice, round decade is a big milestone. Maybe one day I’ll have more time to catch up on that Imperial Agent subplot I hear so much about.


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