Stadia Devs Are Leaving to Join Haven Studios, And Good For Them

The company is working on a new IP for PlayStation.

It sounds like developers who were part of Google’s since-closed-down Stadia development teams are joining ex-Google Stadia Games and Entertainment Studio Head Jade Raymond at her newly-founded company Haven Studios.

This was noticed by Resetera user Cyberia, who pointed out on the forum that six employees that were working on Stadia games at Google before the company decided to shut its dedicated studios down have found new employment. These new jobs were posted to their respective owners’ LinkedIn pages.

Haven Studios (Jade Raymond’s new venture) has welcomed a few new starters to their team.

Former General Manager of Google’s Stadia Games Sebastien Puel started this month and is one of the co-founders.

Corey May is the studio’s World/IP Director. Previously: Google Stadia Games’ Head of Creative Services & Publishing.

Jonathan Dankoff is Haven Studios’ Insights Director. And yes, he worked previously as well at Google Stadia (Staff UX Researcher).

Both Erwann Le Rouzic and Francis Denoncourt joined the studio as Concept Artist. Both worked previously at…Google Stadia.

Pierre-Marc Bérubé joined as Software Engineer. Previously: Graphics Programmer at Google Stadia.

So it sounds like Haven Studios is keeping some of the folks likely affected by Google’s closing its Stadia-focused studios back in February. But this is still only a very small number of developers compared to the full teams that were working on Stadia games as part of Google. At the time of those closures, Google said it planned to find jobs for “most,” but not “all” of the employees affected by its scaling back Stadia development. So it stands to reason more people are looking for work.

In other news:

Haven Studios, helmed by Raymond after her departure from Google following the Stadia studio closures, is working with Sony on an original IP for PlayStation. But that’s about all we know of it so far.


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