Spider-Man 3 Reportedly Getting Some Extra Arachnids

Leave it to Marvel to make Spiderverse boring.

It looks like the Spider-Verse will be going live action. According to a report by Fandom Wire, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will be reprising their roles as their respective versions of  the friendly neighborhood web-slinger to help Tom Holland’s own take on Peter Parker battle villains from across timelines. 

Considering it was recently confirmed that Jaime Foxx would be reprising his role as Electro, from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this maybe isn’t the most surprising development. After all, it’d be weird to bring a villain from a different Spidey universe without bringing his corresponding arachnid man, right? And with the wild success of the animated Into the Spiderverse film, it’s not surprising that Marvel might be aiming to chase that in their live action films as well. 

According to the Fandom Wire report, Doctor Strange is going to be the linchpin for this universe swap, which makes sense. While there’s plenty of weirdness in the annals of Marvel, not many of their current on-screen roster have the ability to shift realities. Doctor Strange is a good fit, in that way, though with his addition that is four same-y white guys leading up the film.

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With how dynamic, interesting and inclusive Into the Spiderverse was, this cast of Spidies is a bit disappointing. While Peter Parker will always be fundamental to Spider-Man, he’s far from its most interesting character, and that’s something Spiderverse understood and ran with. Going from such a variety of spider-people to just three different, pretty similar looking white dudes is just…boring. I will defend Maguire’s performance in Spider-Man 3 to the grave, but that doesn’t mean I needed to see him come back to stand alongside other lanky white dudes for one last hurrah. And zero mention of a possible Miles Morales casting is a crime in and of itself.