Sounds Like PS5 Backwards Compatibility Is Just Now Being Required of PS4 Games

Hopefully a proper reveal will shed some light.

Sony’s messaging around the PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility has been dodgy over the past few months. Back in March, the company said that the “overwhelming majority” of PS4 games would be playable on the new system when it launches this holiday season, but today, reports are coming out that Sony has only begun requiring developers to make games compatible on the new console, which both implies that this hasn’t been the case up until this point, and that the onus will be on developers to make games playable on PlayStation 5.

The report from Eurogamer says that Sony is telling developers that games submitted for PS4 certification after July 13 must also be compatible with PlayStation 5. The option to check that a game had been tested for PS5 when submitting games was added in April, but will now reportedly be a requirement moving forward. It’s also worth noting that patches and updates go through this certification process as well, but according to the developer notes Eurogamer has seen and verified, these PS5 compatibility requirements won’t apply to any games that were submitted prior to July 13, regardless of when the patch is sent in.

As Eurogamer notes, it’s important to make the distinction between certification dates and release dates here, because right now, Ghost of Tsushima, one of Sony’s last big games for the PlayStation 4, is coming to the system on July 17, and will undoubtedly be going through the certification process long before the July 13 cut-off. While this technically means it won’t be required to make a PlayStation 5 compatibility check, it’s unlikely Sony is going to let one of its last marquee games for the PS4 not jump aboard the next-gen train. Same could be said for The Last of Us: Part II, which has gone gold and is coming in just a few short weeks.

In other news:

At any rate, Sony should probably be gearing up for a proper PlayStation 5 reveal soon, where maybe it can shed some light on the specifics of what games will or will not be playable, especially because the company is falling far behind its direct competitor in terms of revealing news. Even yesterday, Microsoft was talking about the ways that old Xbox games would be using the tech of the Xbox Series X to improve framerates and shoot for higher resolutions.

Ultimately, Sony has just been very gun shy on the PlayStation 5 in general, to the point where Epic boss Tim Sweeney had more to say about the console earlier this month during an Unreal Engine 5 presentation than Sony had said in a minute. Whatever the company has in store, there are also reports that the system is just going to be generally harder to find, as Sony is reportedly producing fewer units during the launch window this time around than it did for the PS4 in 2013.


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