Sounds Like Dragon Age News Will Be Revealed at The Game Awards

My kingdom for a frame of Dorian Pavus.

Today, December 4, is Dragon Age Day, a community celebration for fans of Bioware’s fantasy franchise. While the whole thing is technically unofficial and not affiliated with EA, Bioware has taken to it since last year. Now, four writers at the studio released four short stories to commemorate the day, but within them are apparently hints toward an upcoming reveal that will take place at The Game Awards next week.

“These stories, written by the narrative team, help paint the picture for the future of Dragon Age, including some insight into the next reveal at The Game Awards, airing on December 10 at 4:00pm PST,” said a representative alongside the release of the short stories.

Does this mean the game that will be one day known as something other than Dragon Age 4 could be making an appearance at Geoff Keighley’s socially distanced awards show? It sounds likely, and it would be in keeping with every other time Bioware has shown anything of the upcoming RPG(?). The game was first announced at the 2018 Game Awards with a teaser trailer featuring art and voice over from Solas, who appears to be the main antagonist following the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s “Trespasser” DLC. The studio went radio silent on the series’ fourth game until earlier this year during Gamescom (also hosted by Geoff Keighley) where it showed off some behind-the-scenes looks at animation, concept art, and voice acting sessions. There wasn’t much to go on, but it was at least clear from the announcements that followed that Dragon Age will likely be headed to the setting of Tevinter, as well as continuing on some of its more troubling trends in regards to storytelling.

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The four short stories all follow different sides of the Dragon Age universe, from the Grey Wardens, elven culture, the Antivan Crows, and Tevinter magisters. Just how they all play into whatever’s coming at the Game Awards is yet to be seen, but from the looks of it, Dragon Age 4 is going to touch on quite a few factions whenever it comes to be. Here are links to all four of them:

Bioware fans could use some reassuring news right now, as the internet was very surprised to see that Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, two long-standing higher-ups at the studio, had both departed on the same day. Darrah was working as executive producer on the next Dragon Age, so Christian Dailey has stepped into the role following his leaving the studio. Beyond Dragon Age 4, Bioware is also working on a reboot of Anthem, remasters of the original Mass Effect trilogy with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, as well as a new game set in the Mass Effect universe that might be a sequel to Mass Effect: Andromeda. Maybe. Hopefully.


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