Sony Wants You To Stay Home, So Here’s Uncharted for Free

Unless you live in Germany or China...

Sony has announced that it’s starting a “Play At Home Initiative” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic which will offer something to both players and independent developers as everyone deals with the state of things.

According to a write up on The Hollywood Reporter, the initiative is twofold: players can download free copies of Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection and Journey between April 15 and May 5 on PlayStation 4, while Sony is also establishing a fund to help indie devs who might be having financial troubles due to the pandemic.

If you live in Germany or China you’ll be getting a copy of Knack 2 instead of the Nathan Drake Collection. So uh, sorry about that?

As for this fund for independent developers, right now it’s for $10 million, with plans to announce criteria for consideration coming at a later date. While it’s only speculation on my part, I hope this fund could help developers regardless of what platform they’re working on, but I can’t help but wonder if part of the criteria is that the studio must be actively developing something for a PlayStation platform.

In other news:

Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection’s inclusion in this initiative comes at a really good time, as it contains the first three games in the series while Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was just made free for PlayStation Plus players this month. So Plus subscribers will have access to Nathan Drake’s entire adventure come tomorrow night. What’s that? There was also Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the PlayStation Vita? I don’t know her. I do not know this person you’re speaking of.

Sony has seen its fair share of issues since the coronavirus pandemic began, including delaying The Last of Us: Part II and Iron Man VR indefinitely until shipping and distribution channels are back to normal and the company can more reliably handle a worldwide launch. The games’ digital pre-orders have since been refunded, and there’s no new release date in sight for either game. The company has also made changes to PlayStation Network download speeds in the United States and Europe to help alleviate the increase in home internet use while everyone is doing the sensible thing and self-quarantining.

These aren’t exactly the optics you want as you’re heading into a console launch, but Sony is adamant that the PlayStation 5 is still coming this holiday season as it was originally planned. Recently the company has been trickling out hardware information about the system, having held a weird but ultimately harmless presentation about specs last month in lieu of a GDC presentation and also showing off the system’s new controller called the “Dualsense.” It looks like Echo from Overwatch. But despite all of this tech information, we still haven’t seen what the box looks like. Given that the Dualsense looks distinctly different from past PlayStation controllers, it wouldn’t be that surprising if the console is a departure as well.