Sony is Reworking PSN Trophies To Make Numbers Go Up More

Your trophy level will just have a bigger number attached, really.

Here at Fanbyte we love a big Numbers Go Up moment. You know, when you’re enticed almost entirely by the numbers of stats, damage, or scores getting higher and higher until you’ve found yourself stuck in a loop that you can’t get out of? You know who else seems to love a big Numbers Go Up moment? Sony, as it’s reworking the PlayStation Network’s trophy system to let you get to higher levels and get a more constant feedback loop.

The changes were outlined in a post on the PlayStation Blog, where Sony explained that it would be changing the trophy levels players earn to range from 1 to 999, rather than the original 1-100. Not only does this mean you’ll be able to get a significantly higher number, but you’ll gain levels more quickly than you do now in the current system. This means that trophies are being rebalanced across the board, so anyone who’s around level 12 will find themselves in the early 200’s once the changes go through later today.

Each level will come with an associated bronze, silver, gold, or platinum trophy, as well as a fancy portrait to signify different tiers within those. Platinum won’t be obtainable unless you’re at the highest level, which, if you are, uh, kudos for your dedication?

Ultimately, this means you’ll still have just about as long to go to reach the level cap regardless of where you were at in the original system. But hey, now your numbers will be bigger and you’ll get to brag about them to all your friends. Which is basically what trophy level and Gamerscore are for, anyway.

In the same post, Sony confirmed that your trophy level will be the same on PlayStation 5 when that launches in November. Which might seem obvious, but considering some stuff like save files and the like aren’t as ubiquitous between generations for PlayStation as one might hope, it doesn’t hurt to plainly state it, I suppose.

In other news:

This is probably just one of the handful of changes PlayStation Network will be getting in the coming weeks and months as Sony prepares for the PlayStation 5. As some things like trophy lists are ubiquitous across all systems, Sony can go ahead and roll that out now instead of waiting until the PS5 launches on November 12. But we’ll likely see some new features or changes that will be exclusive to the system, as well. Like the PlayStation Plus Collection, which Sony announced during its release date and price presentation last month, which includes several big backwards compatible PS4 games as part of PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

Along with the trophy updates, Sony also showed the innards of the PlayStation 5 through a teardown video today, which also explained some of the practical uses of all the tech that’s stuffed inside the box.