Sony Has a PlayStation 5 Presentation Tomorrow, But…

Mark Cerny is basically giving his GDC presentation to a camera.

Sony has announced that it will be revealing new information on the PlayStation 5 tomorrow, ending the company’s long silence regarding the system.

At 9 a.m. Pacific, Mark Cerny, the lead system architect of both the PS4 and PS5, will be giving a presentation on the console’s architecture on the PlayStation Blog. But details on Sony’s English social channels were a tad scarce on specifics about what fans can expect to see during Cerny’s stream.

However, the PlayStation Japan Twitter account confirmed that the presentation is actually going to be made up of the content and talking points of Cerny’s planned Game Developers Conference talk. That particular trade show was postponed due to coronavirus concerns, so it makes sense that Sony would still be looking to get that information out to the public in some manner, and a livestreamed presentation is probably the safest way to do that for all involved.

But given that this presentation will be made up of information planned for GDC, it’s important to level our expectations about what we’re going to see tomorrow. GDC is primarily an industry-facing event, so its primary audience is for companies and developers, and is less geared for a general audience. While it has been a bit frustrating watching Microsoft announce update after update about the Xbox Series X while Sony is just keeping tight lipped about the PS5, you can probably expect this to be more tech-focused, rather than an update on things like game announcements and really, anything of value to the general consumer.

Another important point to keep in mind is that this presentation isn’t even going to be receiving any subtitles, meaning non-English-speaking fans will have to find out the information contained in the presentation second-hand. It doesn’t paint a great picture for the impact of this presentation in general.

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That’s not to say that Sony won’t have any surprises. But let’s all go into whatever presentation Sony has with expectations in check so there’s less disappointment to go around. No need to have extreme reactions to announcements that don’t match your expectations about how the world works, right internet?

Whatever it is Sony is bringing to the table tomorrow, the company has been uncharacteristically quiet about the PlayStation 5 since its announcement last year. This isn’t helped by the fact that the company has been pulling out of multiple events over the year when it could have possibly made more announcements like E3, which has typically been a place for major announcements leading up to a console launch. Not that it really matters, as the event was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

There have also been reports that Sony might just not be happy with the information it has to give at the moment, as the PlayStation 5’s part expenses has apparently put the console’s possible sale price at a bit high for Sony’s liking.

In the meantime, how about that logo?