Sonic Will Be In Fall Guys, Add Chaos Next You Cowards

Now that you can go fast in Season 2, it's time to add jelly to the beans.

Despite their tiny legs, and just generally horrific and not-very-aerodynamic bodies, the beans from Fall Guys are about to go fast. Today, Mediatonic tweeted that the latest costume coming to their wildly popular game show battle royale in season two will be none other than the blue speedster himself, Sonic the Hedgehog. 

The new costume will be arriving on Oct. 14 and will run you ten crowns for the whole get up. The shirt and pants are five crowns each if you’d rather give Sonic some sweet kicks or a pair of funky shorts instead of his usual red sneakers. I, personally, am an advocate for the classic Sonic crop top. 

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This isn’t the first successful crossover Mediatonic has managed. On Sept. 6, a My Friend Pedro inspired banana suit went live on the costume shop. And the Twitter account has certainly been active in courting other devs for possible crossovers, including asking the Cyberpunk 2077 account how many retweets it would take to get a collab. Based on Cyberpunk’s reply, we may see our beans become edgy, neon colored hackers next. Or, considering that the Witcher account was also vying for a spot, maybe our favorite white wolf, Geralt, is next. 

But since Sonic is first on the list, it begs the question of what other skins from the Sonic series might work as bean attire. There are plenty of fun and funky animals to choose from. Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow are probably some of the first that come to mind, but I think we can do better. Why not indulge the furries and get a Rouge the Bat skin out there? Or the ever-styling Vector. He looks close enough to the existing dinosaur skins that it can’t be that hard right? If I had to choose, I’d go for nonbinary icon and just all around villainous monarch, Chaos. Let’s put the jelly in jelly bean, amirite?